Innovative Businessman, Carlo Parodi, Likes To Venture Into New Business Ventures

Entrepreneur Carlo Parodi is from Italy and lives in the UK. His forte is creative entrepreneurial thinking as solutions to business-related problems. His educational background is strong along with a healthy childhood and a healthy relationship with his parents.

During his childhood, he was inclined towards sports and had an ambition of becoming a formula one driver. He had the self-confidence of being successful in anything he wanted to do in life, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I m done!”.

One of his friends used to laugh at his aims and ambitions when he was 18. But later on, when he successfully ran many businesses it was a strong answer in itself to his friend. GIACOMO Casanova was the first person to set up a museum in Venice and Carlo Parodi is a fan of him.

On Casanova’s birthday he initiated Casanova Museum & Experience. He built it only in three months. The museum is now famous worldwide and Carlo has the copyright of the Casanova brand. He created the first and only Giacomo Casanova Foundation which engages many local authorities, history professors, and 18th-century experts.

Another foundation to his name is Casanova Prosecco. Made in Italy champagne and prosecco products are an attraction of this place all over the world. One of his newest projects handles branded underwear pieces that avail special gentleman underwear collection, The new style to underwear.

To implement his ideas in the Casanova brand, Carlo hires important experienced people from the fashion world. These people work to fabricate creative and stylish products for the customers of the brand. For new projects, Carlo Parodi believes in spending time traveling to different parts of the world in order to be more inspired.

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