Instagram Introduced the IGTV Button in the Main App – Check it out!

About 7 million of users using Instagram have downloaded IGTV app on their smartphones within 18 months of its launch. Now, Instagram has decided to remove the orange IGTV button as most of the users are not happy to see the button on their homepage. While giving an interview, a spokesperson from Facebook stated that they are trying to make people’s life easier by removing the IGTV button from Instagram.

They are working hard to help people in creating and discovering IGTV content. However, they are finding that most of the people can view the content of IGTV on the homepage feeds itself. They can use the channel of IGTV to explore more about the profile and can download the IGTV app itself. He also stated that many people are not using the IGTV icon that is present on the homepage.

Instagram is working towards making the platform more straightforward and easily accessible. That’s the reason why they have decided to remove the IGTV icon based on the feedback and their learnings. Furthermore, it would be exciting to see how people react to this Instagram’s move and if they appreciate it or not.

Moreover, if you are an influencer and making money using Instagram, the IGTV app can prove out to be a great source of income if it gives the choice to monetize your content. Well, stay tuned for more updates on that as nothing has been announced in that sense.