How To Install TWRP Recovery On Lenovo A6000 Running On Lollipop

After the Lenovo A6000 Lollipop Update we lost the CWM/TWRP recovery and then we cannot flash the old one anymore on it. Now you can install TWRP recovery on Lenovo A6000 Lollipop updated the phone and then you can again revert back to your old Kitkat Rom on Lenovo A6000 or install any custom ROM. It is even possible to root your device after you install TWRP on Lenovo A6000 which is running on Lollipop 5.0.2 or above.

WARNING : Rooting or installing a custom rom or recovery might brick your device or your device may act abnormally and you also lose the device warranty. You may even get a dead SD card which might not work or you can leave your device in a dead state. Before going through the entire tutorial please be advised that it is your own responsibility to go further. We’re not liable for any loss of data or any property of yours by any mean.

Pre-Requisites To Install TWRP Recovery in Lenovo A6000 Lollipop

  • Take a backup of your personal data (media, contacts, etc)
  • Keep your device charged more than 50 %
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device.
    • Goto Settings About Device and then press/click Build Number 8-10 times until you get the message “Developer mode active
    • Goto > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.USB-Debbuging-lenovo
  • Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Connect your Lenovo A6000 smartphone to your PC and install the application (CDROM) which you can see in your My Computer/This PC.
  • Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC from here
  • Download the following  TWRP recovery.img

How To Install TWRP Recovery On Lenovo A6000 Lollipop

Step 1: Extract Lenovo-A6000-Recovery-techolite.Com

Step 2: Copy the recovery.img file to C: Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot orC: Program FilesMinimal ADB and Fastboot directory.

Step 3: Open C: Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot directory and right click on py_cmd.exe and Run As Administrator

Step 4: Now in the command box type  the following:

adb devices

You will get this message :


Step 5: Now type in the command box

adb reboot bootloader

This will reboot your device into Bootloader / Fastboot Mode.

Step 6: Now type again in the command box

fastboot boot recovery recovery.img


Once you get the finished message you will be taken to TWRP menu on your Lenovo A6000.

You have now installed the custom recovery on your Lenovo A6000 Lollipop updated phone, TWRP recovery will help you flash custom ROMs or stock ROMs. You can even revert back to Kitkat on Lenovo A6000/Plus also if you want to stay in Lollipop 5.0.2 then you can root your device by following the rooting guide.

TWRP Recovery On Lenovo A6000 & Plus For Lollipop 5.0.x [64 Bit]


  • full support for SELinux
  • mounting internal and external SDcard to the PC in MTP mode, and external SDcard in Mass Storage mode
  • SDcard will work with file systems fat32, exFAT and NTFS (NTFS only in version
  • choice FS (ext2, ext3, ext4, f2fs, exFAT, fat32) to formatted partition ..
  • removal of screenshots by clamping power + volume down (saved / sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots)
  • full functionality adb
  • Battery operation
  • applied Materialised theme from z31s1g
  • added the ability to set the img-files (for this go to the Install and in the top pane to switch to Install a Zip on the Install Image – for Materialised themes)


TWRP Lenovo A6000



    in step 6: use commad-fastboot flash recovery recovery.img if stuck

  2. Bayu Prastowo says

    when i have installed, appear alien language, pls help -_- …

    i cant understand that language… Not English

  3. Harish Sharma says

    i want to root my lenovo a6000 16gb internal but i am always failed.Now m try to installing recovery but it always say disk croupted even its todnload sucesfull plz help me

    1. Aniketh 815 says

      Root using kingroot v4.0.0 and if u want Superuser, download flashify and Grant root permission and flash recovery. Img file , then reboot unto recovery and flash .
      Aniketh here .

  4. Daniel Herman says

    My Lenovo A6000 is not rebooting into fastboot. It gets stuck on the starting screen.
    Please help……

    1. tagore says

      the screen itself is a fastboot mode , try command “fastboot devices” (without quotes) then you can see your device attached

  5. Chris Deox says

    please help how to fix this…….after I enter fastboot boot recovery.img it download but it says failed(remote: dtb not found)

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Install the drivers on your pc.

  6. BenNy tHa says

    i did all the steps to flash the recovery.
    but when i restart the phone to enter the recovery, it enters the stock recovery.

    1. Bayu says

      Use above step correctly…
      Enter bootloader
      Open cmd (adb)
      Fastboot flash recovery xxxx.img (filename xxxx)
      Fastboot reboot

    2. tagore says

      the recovery you boot is a temporary one if you reboot again to bootloader and tap on recovery it shows the stock recovery itself, so whenever you need to flash zips you have to follow the whole prcedure of booting a twrp! hope this helps

  7. ashu says

    Is this recovery will work on 64bit marshmallow rom

  8. Adv Bayu Prastowo says

    U must install twrp recovery.img first…
    the recovery.img is in the article :

    Download the following twrp recovery.img from zippyshare or mediafire

    dont choose bottom link, bcs that use different method to install recovery (using recovery, not using download mode like above)…

  9. nice says

    volume (+) home and power buttons in same time for 10sec.

  10. Deepak Chhetri says

    i have this idea bro contact with me………..

  11. Ram Kumar says

    Sir.I have rooted my lenovo a6000plus and now it get phone doesn’t get into recovery mode..I thik my recovery is formatted..when i press power button +vol up it shows only lenovo logo and after some time it again restart..when i connect to computer ,pop up sound appear in computer but nothing shows in computer..what i have to do next to install a operating system…Please help me sir…

  12. Xavier Brian says

    i want to downgrade to kitkat from lolipop running on A6000_0001_151030,is above methol works?

  13. Xavier Brian says

    i want to downgrade to kitkat from lolipop running on A6000_0001_151030,is above methol works?

  14. darren5375 says

    is thw twrp.recovery.img works on a6000plus?

  15. darren5375 says

    is thw twrp.recovery.img works on a6000plus?

  16. darren5375 says

    is the twrp.recovery.img works on a6000 plus?

  17. darren5375 says

    is the twrp.recovery.img works on a6000 plus?

  18. Amy says

    its failing.. saying dtb not found.. why would that happen and how to resolve this?

  19. Mohamed Ehab says

    i have a backup before the lolipop update but using cwm how can i restore it ?

    1. Techolite says

      You will have to get back to kitkat first then restore using cwm. Because CWM doesn’t works on Lollipop based rom on Lenovo A6000

  20. Pratik Angolkar says

    i have successfully flashed twrp and rooted my device as well, however when i boot into recovery I am unable to get the twrp recovery interface, can you help me out with this

    1. Qaiser Mahmood says

      Type command
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
      Instead of
      fastboot boot recovery.img
      It will permanent.
      U should boot as normal.

      1. monsieurburlesque says

        I have flashed TWRP successfully. Then after a while, I needed the stock Recovery so I flashed it, upgraded to stock Android 5.1 and now i want the TWRP back. But it doesn’t flash. I can boot to TWRP, but not flash again… Please help

        1. sameer says

          u should try fastboot flash recovery recovery.img hope it will work.

  21. noor says

    i went to step 6 without a problem but when i reboot my phone and try to go back to the custom recovery it goes to stock one ( i use power and volume +- buttons )

    1. Techolite says

      Have you fixed it?

  22. Ian Wise Sisa says

    i get a remote dtb not found error

    1. Techolite says

      Did you fix it?

  23. Anjul Agarwal says

    Not able to find TWRP file, someone can help me to get the file.

  24. Vishal Patil says

    i have bricked my phone, My recovery isnt working its stuck on recovery boot logo and when i tried flash using twrp, i did flashed data, dalvik and cache after that i did a system reboot and now its stuck on boot logo. so situation is i am not able to in recovery or either normal boot. its just stuck on boot. i am not able to connect it to the pc bcs. i am not able to go in boot or in recovery.

  25. Supedman says

    Can u made available digital Dolby Atmos for Lenovo a6000 plus or cwm as twrp is unable to read internal storage of my device all d tike i have to use external card.

  26. Sisa says

    hello/please send me a link to download the lolipop for lenovo a6000

  27. Mr. A says

    repair your bricked lenovo a6000 OR Unbrick it from here Just go to that Link :-

  28. Vishal Patil says

    @veeramrit:disqus well can i get stock recovery for lolipop ?the thing is i tried to permanent flash the recovery with twrp but it just got stuck at recovery logo, so i tried to install stock from same method but it just reboots the system to normal boot, so when i checked the status on flashyfy app it shows my recovery is twrp but it does not function when i press vol+ &- power button

  29. Nagireddy says

    i have done the backup process in lollipop using twrp… there is a option in twrp to restore … but in the restore method the restore file not showing…… the thing is .. is there any way to restore in lollipop using twrp..

    then i can install other roms..

  30. Ârávìñðh Ghôsh says

    Its not installing its booting one time, I also tried fastboot flash recovery.img instead of
    fastboot boot recovery.img but it does not working no stock recovery even.

    1. Nayanabh Chakravarty says

      Try this-“fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” where recovery.img is the name of the recovery.

  31. Devendra Mehra says

    Not able to flash via twrp
    Pleade help

    1. techolite says


      1. Devendra Mehra says

        Not able to flash cm11 via this twrp

    2. Techolaty says


    3. saikarthikeya says

      twrp is not working properly…my phone got bricked only because of twrp….clockwork mode is better..

  32. Devendra Mehra says

    Can u please provide cwm for lollipop

    1. techolite says

      Not released yet. Only TWRP available

      1. Devendra Mehra says

        Plz provide asap
        I want to go back to KitKat..
        It lagging too much
        And with twrp cm11 not flashing…

          1. Devendra Mehra says

            Thanks bro..
            Can u please tell me one thing
            In twrp when flashing any rom..
            First it says for checking md5 and i want to know that in stock lf KitKat there is md5 file..

    2. Techolaty says

      Not released yet. Only TWRP available

  33. Devendra Mehra says

    Not able to flash cm11 via twrp
    Please help

  34. susanta says

    I tried this method for rooting and install recovery,but after reboot When I am going to recovery , it takes me into stock recovery.Please give a solution for this issue.I am unable to root and install recovery after lollipop update.

    1. techolite says

      You need to re flash it again.

  35. saikarthikeya says

    when booting in adb mode,after fastboot boot recovery.img it is showing that adb not found…my phone got bricked o…please help me…

    1. techolite says

      Did you install the drivers?

      1. saikarthikeya says

        yes i’ve installed all the drivers..PAD drivers also…phone is getting detected by adb and taking all the comands but when “fastbooot boot recovery.img ” command is given it is showing “error:dtbnot found”..searched for so many hours to solve this so many solutions.but no one is working.

        admi plesae tell me one there solution for briced lenovo phones .?

        iam trying to unbrick my phone from 4 days….working on this problem for nearly 3 hrs a day..if there is no solution, then i should wait for 15 days then service center members will repalce my mother board..every time i visited the sevice center with this bricked phone they are saying that there is a problem on moher board..

        really frustated on roms..if there is no solution, then who is dare to do this kind of experiments..?

        before a6000 i’ve used samsung flagship phones..iam femilier with idin processes.iam new to adb…

        sent so many mails to techolite…if u have any solution, please comment…
        thanks in advance..

        1. Swaraj Sarkar says

          Use fastboot reboot

        2. Shakeel Basha says

          me too have the same problem
          please reply if there is any solution

        3. Nihal Rahman says

          Hi brother
          You have to use the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” instead of ” fastboot boot recovery.img”.

    2. Techolaty says

      Did you install the drivers?

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