Jam: Sharing Streaming Apps Password Safely is No More an Obstacle

Sharing passwords of streaming apps has always been a problem and people had been looking forward to a solution on this. However, this problem now has finally got a solution and you will be able to safely share your passwords with your friends. Yes, you read it right! For this purpose, there is an app available now that is named Jam.

On this initiative, founder of Jam, John Backus said that the need for such an app was obvious. Everyone shares passwords, but why there is no secure way for consumers to do that. Consumers don’t have a secure system for this process. Jokingly, he added, “I don’t want to find out my ex-girlfriend’s roommate has been using my account again.”

Further, he told that everything saved in Jam is locally encrypted and hence, no need to worry about safety. This is also because no details will be exposed even if the company is hacked. Also, Jam app uses similar protocols to 1Password and quite straightforward public key cryptography.

While studying the nature of sharing passwords, Peter Fondulas, the principal at Hub, noticed that 42% of all US consumers have used someone else’s online TV service password. Around 69% of 13 to 24-year-olds have watched Netflix on someone else’s password. On this account, Jam is perfectly timed to line up with multiple trends in how people are using online streaming services.

So are you looking forward to trying this app and use it for safety purposes?