Jamie Raine, a TikTok star, becomes the best selling author on Amazon

The road to success isn’t easy, and many writers have shared their winning tips with us. Jamie Raine is a 20-year-old from County Durham, United Kingdom, who published his book “The Ultimate Tiktok guide to success’ on the 8th of May 2020.

His book became so popular that on the day of its publication, the book rocketed to Number 1 best selling in two different categories.

Jamie Raine has become the Number 1 best selling author on Amazon 2 times, thanks to his record-breaking book.

As the book says, Jamie started his career from TikTok. Soon, his funny and entertaining videos became popular, and he became a TikTok star. TikTok is a great way to reach people as the app has been downloaded by 1.5 billion people worldwide.  Jamie knew the popularity of TikTok and decided to create content that landed him a significant number of followers.

Jamie has earned over 630,000 followers, 9 million likes, and 30 million video views a month. His success has led to him earning over £15,000. His videos have got a unique comedy style. Mostly he creates lip-sync videos on the video-making platform.

Many people ask him about how he became so successful at such a young age, and to answer all those questions, Jamie has written this book. It guides readers to create lucrative content that can attract viewers and followers.

Jamie admitted that he never wanted to be an author. But after writing this book, he feels it loves writing, and he will probably be doing it again.