Jerome Gillan: A force to be reckoned with in the world of streaming

Whenever you talk of streaming and gamer work, only the names of a select few come to mind. Mostly because of their hard work, dedication, and, most notably, their achievements and accolades. Talking about all of these, the list just got shorter and arguably at the top of the list is Jerome Gillan, a successful streamer.

At twenty-six years of age, not many people have achieved close to what Jerome Gillan has—being only the third person to ever achieve a No Damage run in Sekiro since its launch says a lot about this great streaming personality.

His successes have not gone unnoticed as he is building a very strong audience in the world of streaming with the creation of gaming content.

But, on the inside, Jerome Gillan is a very simple man. Describing a day in his life, Jerome stated that he would just wake up, have something to eat, do some yoga, and then go straight to the business of the day, stream. Spending almost seven hours streaming daily not only makes one good, but it also makes one stand out, and that explains why Jerome is so special. After that, he hangs out or plays games with some friends on his Discord server. One of the interesting games they play is “Among Us.”

But in the seven hours of streaming daily, a lot happens. He also tries to build his audience and keep them entertained. To do this, he does serious gamer work by overcoming the daily challenge of having to create new and exciting content for his large audience. This can be really difficult, but with the right amount of dedication, nothing is impossible.

He has recorded many proud moments in his life. Apart from being the third person in the world to achieve No Damage in Sekiro, he has also been invited by SquillaKilla, a widely respected streamer, to the hitless team. He has also completed Dark Souls 3 without taking any enemy hits. 

One of the moments that stand out in his career is when he successfully organized a gaming tournament that involved more than twenty-five streamers and gave out over $10,000 in prizes.

Being a go-getter, he has his eyes set on more goals. He already sees the good that can come out of the present health situation in the world today. The coronavirus situation can be a blessing in disguise for streamers, according to Jerome. It has opened the world to more streaming, and he wants to take advantage of it by doing another 48 hour stream. That can be exhausting, he admits, but it is also worth it.

His long-term vision remains to keep providing exciting content for his large audience and doing what he loves best, playing games and creating gaming content.

Jerome Gillan is also a source of inspiration for the younger generation. He urges them to keep their heads in the game if they want to be successful like him. Also, he believes if you love what you do, you can always be accomplished.

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