KidCaliMDMG is Making Efforts Towards Making Human-Centric Music

KidCaliMDMG wants to provide real music that is full of tales and has a unique flavor for the audience. He states that he aims to bring back genuine songs with even more stories for people to listen to. The reaction his songs receive from the audience has always inspired him to push harder and create more such songs.

KidCaliMDMG began creating music when he was only 14 years old. He would frequently freestyle wherever possible, including parties as well as gatherings. He was fortunate to be surrounded by people who supported his ability.

In today’s time, the artist has reached a stage where he has his own style and music flow. And the love he is receiving from his fans for his style is motivating him to keep continuing his journey on the same path.

Every 2-3 weeks KidCaliMDMG releases a new song that captivates the audience yet again. He says, that the reaction audience give him for his songs serves as his motivation for the next single.

The musician desires to provide his listeners with the greatest possible representation of himself through his music and style at this moment and in the future. His genuine cheque is his connection with others.

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