Ktborderline meets with Roc Nation

Ktborderline has met with the Roc Nation recording label, owned by Jay Z, to work in collaboration with the entertainment company. Ktborderline interacted with Lenny S, the head vice president A&R of Roc Nation, in his office. And the meeting lasted for about an hour and Ktborderline showed his music skills to him.

In that one hour, Ktborderline played his music and at the end of the meeting, Lenny S told him the songs he liked. In addition to this, Lenny S also expressed how he would like to present Ktborderline to the label. Ktborderline showed his successful music video with over 2 million views on youtube, “Fresh in the Club” to Lenny S, and got positive feedback for exceptional work in the music song.

Ktborderline got shocked when Lenny S received a call from the rapper, Jay Z during the meeting. After the first meeting, Ktborderline has selected some of his favorite songs and he is planning to show them to Lenny S in his second meeting with him.

Ktborderline believes that it is important for any music artist to release his song under a label. Only the right music is not sufficient for the success of any song and it must have a strong label associated with it. Especially, for an independent artist, it is imperative to work with a reputed recording label and make the use of the right promotional strategies to gain success in the music industry.

Now, after the first meeting with Lenny S, Ktborderline is working hard to show some exceptional pieces of his musical work in the second meeting. And Ktborderline is expected to sign a big deal with Roc Nation after the success in the second interaction with Lenny S.