Leaked ‘Half-Life VR’ Code Could Offer Clues for Valve’s Upcoming VR Game

People are eagerly waiting for Valve’s first ever ‘flagship’ virtual reality game, which the company had said will be released by this year end. However, with just about 2 months remaining for the year to end, the company has not still formally announced the new game. But a recent leak suggests the game will likely be a half-life virtual reality game.

Over the past couple of years, Valve has continually said that it has been working on three 3 virtual reality titles. Previously this year, the company had confirmed that one of the three games will be launched as a flagship virtual reality game in 2019. However, the company has not said anything beyond that related to the game. As of now, we do not even know what the upcoming title’s name is. But, Tyler McVicker from ‘Valve News Network’ believes that he has one quite amazing idea about the game.

McVicker has continually been trawling Valve’s previously released games’ source code and has found clues which indicate that a ‘HLVR’ gaming project is likely on its way. He believes that ‘HLVR’ probably stands for half-life virtual reality game. In a YouTube video, he can be seen providing an overview of the clues that he has discovered and gives a brief outline about the upcoming game.

However, not everything that he uncovered is definitely going to be present in the game. But still, it’s good to hear some pointers about it.