Legislate Technologies–Lawyer Approved Contracts on No Legal Budget

Charles Brecque is the founder and CEO of Oxford-based legal technology company Legislate Technologies. The firm is focused on leveraging technology to help non-lawyers get lawyer-approved contracts and agreements without breaking the bank. 

Charles first joined a spin out right out of university, where he worked in the business development side of the business. As he performed his role, which involved drafting agreements, getting them reviewed and getting internal approvals, he found these tasks unnecessarily time-consuming and frustrating. This would later become his motivation for founding Legislate Technologies. 

For millions of entrepreneurs, landlords and people in the business world, Legislate Technologies offers a library of lawyer-approved fair contracts that offer protection for all parties involved. This eliminates the need to hire an expensive lawyer. However, Legislate Technologies isn’t here to replace lawyers and it certainly doesn’t offer any legal advice. In fact, it complements the work that lawyers do. 

The market that Legislate Technologies is catered toward does not require lengthy and complicated agreements. They generally require basic contracts that are legally compliant, rational and straightforward, which very few lawyers are willing to help with as it offers little value for their time. Lawyers would rather focus on high-value strategic agreements so they tend to pass on opportunities to work on the more basic contracts. 

With Legislate Technologies, users have the opportunity to create customised contracts by answering just a few straightforward questions. The system works on a logic system where every question is interlinked with the answer that they gave to a previous question. This makes the entire process rational and logical. In the end, users get a contract that is fully compliant with the laws of the land. 

Some people might be tempted to go on the internet and read a blog to draft a contract fully themselves but this could expose them to liability rather than offer protection against it. By adding certain clauses people might not realise that what they have added is illegal or what they have added is too general or too specific. The Legislate platform guards against that and offers contracts that are up-to-date with the current laws. 

Users get a single platform from which they can create, edit, manage, sign and safely store agreements. This streamlines the process and keeps things simple. They can also receive alerts on expiring contracts so users can decide what to do with them ahead of time. 

Another awesome feature of Legislate is the knowledge graph insights. Using the same technology that Google uses to structure the internet, Legislate uses its patented technology to show the most pertinent data to the users. It allows them to filter data so that the system only shows relevant insights from a select group of contracts. The visualisation of data eliminates the need to have sheets and sheets of excel. Their knowledge graph technology ensures that users don’t need to go through contracts in full to find answers, they can see the most pertinent bits from the contracts right on their dashboards. 

Legislate Technologies is doing groundbreaking work and offering a convenient way for people in the business world to get legal protection for themselves and their businesses. The fact that they are quickly growing and broadening their customer base every month shows that the business world was in dire need of a unique solution like this and is welcoming Legislate Technologies with open arms. 

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