Lenovo A6000 and Plus Deodexed Stock Rom

Hello Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus users, we have good news for you. If you do not want to flash a custom ROM and want to stick to the stock ROM, but you have got sick of that bloatware, then get excited to use a deodexed stock ROM for your Lenovo A6000/Plus. Most of the users/friends from India do not like that data service/anti-virus application by default on their device. Well pretty much obvious we can remove those useless applications after rooting the device.

Well if you don’t know what is the meaning of Deodexed? It is the Stock ROM which is intact, and only the bloatware are removed. Which means you can get rid of those pre-installed applications on your smartphone which you feel are useless and are resource eating applications.

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install the deodexed rom on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom/deodexed roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Pre-Requirements :

1. Rooted device – You can read the guide here for rooting your Lenovo A6000/Plus

2. Custom Recovery installed – You can follow the tutorial here

3. Deodexed Stock Rom

4. Backup all your data.

About the ROM:

Android Version: 4.4.4

Compatible with: Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus

ROM type:  Stock Rom(Deodexed)

Version:  Vibe UI 2.0

ROM Author: liuxingghost

Features of the ROM:

  • Useless applications removed

How to install Stock ROM on Lenovo A6000/Plus:

Step 1: Copy both the files to your SD card

Step 2: Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to go to recovery)

Step 3:  Please take an entire backup of your current ROM through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the stock ROM

Step 4: Enter recovery

Step 5: Make full wipe including “system.”

Step 6: Flash the ROM and then the gapps.

Step 7: Reboot (the first boot can take up to 5 minutes)


Bugs Found

Google apps (Playstore not working)

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock Rom (Deodexed):

Download from Google Drive

NOTE: This is a stock ROM, and some of the applications that come pre-installed by default from the company are removed to free up storage space and increase the performance. This is not a pure stock ROM for Lenovo A6000 or Plus. It is a deodexed version of the stock ROM.

  1. VICKY KUMAR says

    i got my a6000 bricked while tryng to install a custom rom.

    now i cant install cwm recovery due to “dtb not found” error.

    installed twrp but no twrp backup found in internet for a6000 plus

    tried to install custom rom through twrp but “binary update…” error

    pls help me guyz…

    1. Anshu Mishra says

      First boot into boot loader by volume down + power button, then flash cwm if u had KitKat or twrp if it was lollipop. Then flash the stock KitKat ROM. Or u can flash stock recovery through same procedure and flash stock recovery.

  2. MayAnk SiNgh says

    Plz help me admin.. I’m getting “Unfortunately,setup wizard stopped”.. I need another “LenovoSetupWizard” file.. Can u give me that file which is located in system>vendor>app>Leno code tip wizard.apk..
    Plz anybody give me that file from pure stock ROM.. Plz plz plz..

    1. techolite says

      Download this stock rom already rooted – https://www.droid-hive.com/download-lenovo-a6000-stock-rom-rooted/

  3. Arvind Balaji says

    Admin please respond …………
    The Google play after flashing……I can log into my account..but after doing that…no connection………in google play……I also figured out y….
    It is because the oogle one time initializer did not ask accept or decline….”keep offers up-to-date ” something like that immideatly after starting the google play….only if it asks and only if we accept it we will get google play working in….this ROM
    Please tell us anything you know about this …..
    Thanks in advance

    1. Admin says

      Do not download it, there are lots of bugs in it. Thanks for understanding and reporting the bugs so far.

  4. Arvind Balaji says

    admin i tried all sorts of gapps the google play is saying no connection retry
    plz help us plzplz i want this rom soo badly

  5. amar says

    dear wifi and wifi hotspot not working pls help me and the rom is very fast in performance

  6. Arvind Balaji says

    google play not working and if I go to manage accounts it says sync error look into that problem admin
    I tried all gapps

  7. Arvind Balaji says

    Hey google play not working and if I go to manage accounts it says sync error look into that problem admin
    I tried all gapps

  8. ArvindBalaji says

    Also wanted to say…
    I got 575 mb ram free!!!!!!/
    And when playing I got 300 mb ram free!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!

  9. Arvind Balaji says

    hey admin only one problem .. i first flashed only stock rom and booted into it,,,
    setup wizaed gone good .. and then flashed a gapps of pacman rom from this website. in this i could not find the gapps zip so i used other rom’s gapps i could sign in but the gapps not connecting to network .. says retry.. what to do>>??
    is there an other gapps specially made for this rom>>>>>???
    plz tell i need google play

    1. sunil athavale says

      there is only one file…where is the gapps file?

  10. Vasil Panov says

    I solve it. I put LenovoSetupWizard.apk from another ROM in the ZIP. It worked. I forgot to tell you what a great job you are doing here. Carry on :)

    1. Admin says

      Well thank you for letting us know about that. I will update it.

    2. MayAnk SiNgh says

      Heyy plz give me the “LenovoSetupWizard” file plz.. I hardly need it.. Also tell me from which rom u got the another “LenovoSetupWizard” file.. Plzz..admin also plz help me

  11. Sunil Athavale says

    is this a rooted ROM which means can I uninstall the VIBE UI too?

    1. Aaqib says

      Finally we have a recovery flashable stock rom. If i am on any custom rom. I have to flash this to get back to stock, right. Means i Don’t need the nandriod backup anymore?

      1. ArvindBalaji says

        Hey admin thanks for giving the gapps link.. But I did not try it.. I’ll let u know when I flashed it and tell if it is working or not..
        And also the full version of vibe is awesome
        Thanks for sharing

    2. Admin says

      It is not a rooted rom. Well you can install any launcher to get off the VIBE UI.

  12. Vasil Panov says

    At first boot: “Unfortunetly, Setup Wizard stopped” and I can’t make the first setting of the phone, therefor I can’t use the phone. Any solution?

    1. Admin says

      Try to flash it again using the above method. Check the Zip file if it isn’t corrupt.

    2. amar says

      dude wifi and wifi hotspot not working

      1. Arvind Balaji says

        WiFi is working don’t tell lies and hotspot is also working

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