Lenovo A6000 Lollipop To Kitkat Switcher

Hello Lenovo A6000 users, we have a very good news for you all who are on Lollipop and want to downgrade or revert back to Kitkat for any reason. Maybe Lollipop is running slow, lagging or any other problem and you want to get back to Kitkat 4.4.4 then you guys are going to get a boon. Rahulsnair a member of Xda forums and one of our Lenovo A6000 guru has brought a new formula to switch back to Kitkat without much hassles and without wasting time and bandwidth because he has created a very small flashing file which is just of 1 MB. Followed by this if you’re on KitKat and want to use any custom ROM based on lollipop then you do not have to flash any stock lollipop firmware which is 1 GB at least. This process of first upgrading your Lenovo a6000 to lollipop definitely takes a lot of time and you even have to cut down 1 GB of your monthly bandwidth. But if you already have any Lollipop based custom ROM like CM 12.1 or Flyme OS 5.1 then you can first flash the 1 MB file which you can call it as a “patch” and then the lollipop based custom ROM on your Lenovo a6000.

How to downgrade to Kitkat from Lollipop on Lenovo A6000:

From Kitkat to Lolipop

  • Download Kitkat-to-Lollipop-techolite.com.zip
  • Copy it to your SD Card
  • Boot in recovery. You’ll require TWRP recovery, follow the guide here
  • Flash the Kitkat-to-Lollipop-techolite.com.zip and then any Lollipop based ROM
  • Reboot and enjoy!

How to upgrade to Lollipop from Kitkat on Lenovo A6000:

From Lollipop to Kitkat

  • Download Lollipop-to-kitkat-techolite.com.zip
  • Copy it to your SD Card
  • Boot in recovery. You’ll require CWM recovery, follow the guide here
  • Flash the Lollipop-to-kitkat-techolite.com.zip and then any KitKat based ROM
  • Reboot and enjoy!

List of Marshmallow based ROMs for Lenovo A6000

List of Lollipop based ROMs for Lenovo A6000

List of Kitkat based roms for Lenovo A6000

5 thoughts on “Lenovo A6000 Lollipop To Kitkat Switcher”

  1. Presently my Lenovo A6000 mobile is running on Latest Lollipop Build via OTA upgrade. It is still buggy and often behaves abnormally because of less amount of free RAM. Suggest me any fast Lollipop ROM which will run smoothly with 1 GB of RAM. Also, help me installing it.

  2. Im on bootloop now, last night i can only boot into twrp, when i clicked “reboot to system” it says no OS installed, after i plug out the usb cable i only able to boot into recovery mode (using power button + volume up + volume down) and the kitkat stock rom is in my sd card, when i apply update it says verification failed and footer my ass. I’ve cleared the dalvik, and other fucking cache but still saying that fking fail.. Using twrp too it says fail. Please help me admin… Please

  3. i dont know why you guys want to use any mods to install lolipop rom on you kitkat stock !! just download official s052 stock rom install it via stock recovery, its so simple !!
    And you cant just revert back to kitkat as simple like this, you need to use firmware flasher

  4. And yes its not working i also flash xenon hd after lolipop patch it…after xenon keeps on booting on its logo and doesn”t start ….every 5 minutes after there is only a message “andriod app optimizing and andriod starting but it does’nt open…and my device not booting in recovery after many try i was able to flash recovery using fastboot mode…and patch my phone to kitkat….got my phone unbrick unbricked…thanks… kitkat is best in my opinion…

  5. kitkat to lolipop is lolipop is for flashing kitkat rom
    and lolipop to kitkat is for flashing lolipop based system …i tried my self in k to l its shows kitkat based system and in l to k it shows lolipop based system in recovery

  6. Im currently on kitkat (CM11 ENE) and i want to flash a lollipop rom now. which method should I choose from the above ? pls reply

  7. Bros,
    as your method,

    Now i am in CM 11 (4.4.4) i like to install XenonHD,

    So i have to flash kitkat_to _lollipop.zip
    then XenonHD Right?

    Is that possible with CWM Recovery?

  8. Confusing with title,

    This will help well,
    and can you suggest one good rom for A6000 in Lolipop?
    now i am at CM 11 4.4.4

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