Lenovo A6000/Plus AOSP V2 Custom ROM & Kernel [64 Bit]

The following custom rom for Lenovo A6000 & Plus is so far the best development by the developer Dimid who has been dedicatedly working on this rom and has brought a bug free and stable custom rom. Lenovo A6000/Plus AOSP V2 Custom Rom is built on 64 Bit cpu architecture and is packed with lots of features meant for performance and stability. Few major tweaks and modifications done on this custom rom are pre-rooted, init.d working fully, kernel is modified, GPU frequency of 306-465 MHz and with only 2 cores working with full functionality (don’t worry the rest two revives when needed). AOSP V2 Custom Rom for Lenovo A6000/Plus is better than the other custom roms so far and it is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and personally after testing we felt a huge difference from it’s previous version. So do not wait, just download AOSP V2 Custom ROM and flash the custom rom on your Lenovo A6000 or Plus and experience the difference.

DISCLAIMER : We will not be responsible if your brick your device or your SD card doesn’t work anymore. Flashing or rooting devices breaks the warranty of your device. It is your sole responsibility to go any further, Techolite or its authors will not be bearing any loss incurred by you.

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Pre-Requisites :

  1. Your device should be on any Lollipop based ROM
    • If not then please Flash Lollipop Stock ROM from here if you’re on Kitkat
  2. Install SevenMaxs TWRP Recovery from here
  3. Patches – NoSim.zip & NoSBar.zip
  4. AOSP V2 Custom ROM – Download it from here
  5. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here (Google core apps already installed in this rom like playstore)
  6. Keep your device battery charged above 50%

About The Rom

Android Version: 5.1.1
Compatible : Lenovo A6000/Lenovo A6000 Plus/Lenovo Lemon K3
ROM Version – V2
ROM Size:  508 MB
ROM Author/Credits: Dimid

Features Of The Rom

  • Pre-Rooted (SuperSu pre-installed)
  • Correct Shell Root
  • Fully working init.d
  • Google Music is replaced by Eleven
  • On the lock screen, remove the top line of the operators and the “Emergency Call”
  • Removed slim_ap_daemon
  • The kernel version 3.10.65
  • Collect new modules and devices tree
  • Optimization Linaro 4.9
  • GPU frequency of 306-465 MHz
  • Only 2 cores are working in peace
  • By default scheduler I / O – row
  • Selinux mode is transferred to the default Permissive
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Export files manager, wallpaper, Launcher, clock, weather widget from CM 12.1
  • Camera from firmware 4.4.4
  • Launcher with transparency
  • Improved smooth scrolling
  • Menu “Other Settings” in the settings
  • Menu “Auto” (only custom applications)
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Completely disable signature verification applications
  • By default, the data transfer is disabled
  • Default off animation
  • The default setting is enabled from unknown sources
  • Default on display % charge
  • Optimized GPS
  • Sleep Timer
  • Frequency and CPU Governor Control
  • CPU Statistics
  • Services
  • Setting SuperSU
  • Ad Blockers
  • GPS Test

How To Install AOSP V2 Custom ROM On Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Extract A6K_AOSP_V2_TECHOLITE.COM.zip and copy Lenovo_A6K_AOSPV2_ROM.zip on your SD Card
  2. Boot into Recovery (Skip the below step if you’re already on TWRP menu)

    • Switch off your device
    • Now press Volume Down + Power Button together for 2-5 seconds until you see the bootloader
    • Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop and then flash TWRP recovery (read the guide here)
  3. Make full wipe including “system” & (data, dalvik, system, cache)
  4. Now go back and click install and then click one level up
  5. Search for the Lenovo_A6K_AOSPV2_ROM.zip and flash it, followed by the patches and the Gapps if you like
  6. Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2-5 minutes)




More Screenshots (Click to start slideshow)

NOTE : The AOSP V2 Custom rom on the first boot, the language is set to Russian by default, please do not worry and watch the video below. Follow the instructions and you can set the language to English.

57 thoughts on “Lenovo A6000/Plus AOSP V2 Custom ROM & Kernel [64 Bit]”

  1. All working…
    Few bugs…
    1. Tariff on status bar is not in english.
    2. Default launcher is buggy not working.
    3. Animations are needed
    Otherwise fully functional ROM
    Thanks dev.

  2. Hi thanks so much by this rom for lenovo a6000. I run o tnis fimware last week so its very stable i not find bugs good battery condition bud long i must long carging more 6 hours.Whit orginal firmware isnt short time to full capacity battery.THX by multi langue and czech langues ad this rom.

  3. Bug fix…just convert trebuchet.apk from system app to user app with link2sd (you can use another similiar app).

  4. Sir, I’m facing problem with this rom, everytime I turn off auto-brightness and adjust the brightness manually, my desktop shows only the status bar. All of the icons just missing, I can’t go to drawer and everything else. But overall, this rom is great. Thx

  5. Thanks man for this ROM. Its a perfect ROM for a6000plus, very smooth and excellent battery backup.

  6. Sir I also want to ask as azhar said in this ROM installation process u have written any lollipop bases rom and in some ROM installation u have written lollipop preinstalled please explain

    • This means that your device should be running on Lollipop, no matter what type of rom it is but it should not be Kitkat. If you’re not on Kitkat then you will first need to upgrade to Stock Lollipop and then you can flash the Lollipop based custom rom.

  7. in this rom installation u have written any lollipop based rom and in other rom u have written only lollipop preinstalled……………plz clear the concept……thanks in advance

  8. I have been using it for last two days. And there are some bugs which needs your attention.
    1. Adblock and Timer off sleep still in Russian language
    2. In call volume is low
    Otherwise the ROM works like magic and its very smooth. Just tell me how to fix those 2 bugs.

  9. I tried to follow your guide but i’m still cant install TWRP on my phone. When i entered “adb reboot boatloader” on cmd it said ” error:device not found”. It maybe because i haven’t install the lenovo CDROM in my computer but that because i can’t find it in my devices. Maybe because i’m not on stock lenovo rom anymore so i can’t install the CDROM. So should i go back to lenovo stock rom Lollipop in order to Install TWRP?

  10. Hi, i tried to follow the step you gave me but i can’t install TWRP. When i enter comaand “adb reboot bootloader” on cmd it says “error devices not found”. I think it maybe because i haven’t installed the Lenovo CDROM in my laptop but that because i don’t see any of it when connected my laptop and phone through USB Cables so i can’t install it. I only saw Internal Storage and SD Card option in my Lenovo a6000 in My Computer. Maybe because my phone is not on stock lenovo rom anymore so it doesn’t have the lenovo CDROM. So should i go back to Lollipop first in order to install TWRP?

    • Firstly, you won’t be able to see your device in the adb devices list in the fastboot mode. So, turn off your phone and get into fastboot mode my pressing power+volume up button. Then attach your phone through USB to ur computer. Copy recovery.img in adb and fastboot default location and use fastboot flash recovery recovery.img to permanently flash the required recovery. Hope this helps…..

  11. Right now i’m using AICP custom Rom Lollipop 64 bit. If i want to flash this AOSP V2 Rom do i have to revert back to lollipop stock rom first??.

  12. Very awesome Rom for lenovo a6000+. This Rom’s system look like kitkat 4.4.4 so i really like it.Thanks for sharing this rom……..Thanks a lot.

  13. it worked i did not extract the file sorry for bad comments the rom is awesome its nice boot logo is very stylish

  14. Could not find META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary in the zipfile this is the error anyone help me

  15. Using it since last 2 days :) Awesome rom so far for lenovo a6000 plus. I am in love with my mobile once again. Thanks Techolite

  16. I am using MIUI 5.1.1 ROM on lenovo a6000. Can I flash this ROM directly…?
    Is there mandatory to stock lollipop…

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