Lenovo A6000/Plus Carbon Rom 5.1.1 [32Bit]

Carbon Rom 5.1.1 is based on Cyanogenmod 12.1 which is running on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and on 32-bit architecture. Our previous post on Carbon ROM based on KitKat for Lenovo A6000/Plus was having some camera issue but in this Carbon Rom 5.1.1 there aren’t any bugs, we have checked the camera, network, FM, proximity sensor to be working flawlessly. If you face some kind of problem then please inform us using the comments section at the bottom of this article.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting or flashing custom roms results breaking the warranty of the device. techolite and its authors are not responsible for any damage which is incurred in the process of flashing custom roms or rooting the device. We highly advice to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process.


  • Lollipop pre-installed – Read the guide to upgrade to lollipop here
  • TWRP Custom Recovery – Read the guide from here
  • Carbon Rom 5.1.1 – Download it from here
  • GApps 5.1.x – Download it from here

About The ROM

  • Android Version: 5.1.1
  • ROM Version: Unknown
  • Type: Carbon ROM based on CM 12.1
  • Author/Credits: Amodindo
  • Rom Size: 262 MB


  • 32 Bit
  • Display & Animations Tweaks
  • Scrolling effects
  • Toast animation
  • Toast icon
  • Heads up notification
  • Notification drawer
  • Status bar options
  • FC notifications
  • Lock screen colors
  • Personal Widgets
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Premium Themes
  • Carbon Personal Settings
  • Memory Settings
  • Navigation Bar Tools
  • Pie Settings
  • Custom Kernel
  • Heads Up Notification Bar
  • Screen Lock Heads Up Swipe

How to Install Carbon Rom 5.1.1

Step 1: Copy the Carbon Rom 5.1.1 and GApps in your SD card

Step 2: Boot into Recovery

  • Switch off your device
  • Now press Volume Down + Power Button together for 2-5 seconds until you see the bootloader
  • Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop and then flash TWRP recovery (read the guide here)

Step 3:  Make full wipe including “system” (data, Dalvik, system, cache)

Step 4: Now go back and click install and then click one level up

Step 5: Flash the ROM and then the GApps

Step 6: Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2-5 minutes)


  • None so far reported


Boot Animation

carbon rom 5.1 lenovo a6000 plus

  1. Василъ Пановъ says

    Mobile data don’t work, even that the APN is configured correctly. At the begining is working fine, but in some point it stops.

  2. Avijit Das says

    great rom..been using it for 2 weeks…had to customise it a lot but all over good rom

  3. Avijit Das says

    i have a question ..do custom roms do not support xposed..every time i install exposed it goes into bootloop

    1. Adarsh Bhat says

      custom roms do support xposed. but if you are on 5 aor above you have to flash the xposed SDK which is available on XDA.

      1. Avijit Das says

        can you post me a link @ Adarsh

          1. Avijit Das says

            thanks bro

  4. Avijit Das says

    bug found , crashing when configuring quicktiles

  5. Bidyut Biswas says

    Please upload a ROM which gives gaming boost.
    For lenovo a6000 which is lagging in games in llollipop.

  6. Reddy prasad says

    I flashed this ROM all working fine but unknownsource nit enanling when ever I try to enable it again its disabling automatically what to do

    Note: I flashed 1MB firm where KitKat to lollipop to install this rom

  7. sourav8434 says

    I had ported carbon kk rom and posted on amodindo then they posted on their main page so techolaty mention author name sourav8434sourav8434.my work should be appreciated

  8. Kush Bajaj says

    Heating Up very quickly
    40+ temperature while on standby
    70-72 while playing games
    And snapdragon camera is not working(ported from 4.4 to cm 12.1)
    When i capture any picture…its just appearing black and not saving in my phone

    1. Avijit Das says

      well thats your problem..you have to have 5.0.2 first then you can update to 5.1.1

      1. Kush Bajaj says

        Buddy how does that make any sense?
        I’m using it thats why I’m reporting the problems
        Why i have to install 5.0.2 and then this rom?

        1. Avijit Das says

          @ kush… i dont know, but its in the pre requisites.

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