Lenovo A6000/Plus Custom Kernel Phantom V2.0 [32 Bit]

Welcome Lenovo A6000 & Plus users, now you’ll be able to get your hands on a custom kernel which is developed by a very young and energetic developer Harshit Jain who has been working from a long time on this device. The name of the kernel is Phantom which is based on 32 bit cpu architecture custom roms and stock roms. Phantom can boost your device and increase the performance at gaming, multi using and one of the major feature of this custom kernel is that there is no heating issue reported so far and OTG is working flawlessly.

Now we present you the new successor of Phanton V1.0 with Phanton V2.0 which checks the workload and uses the maximum payload per core to finish the work and if the payload exceeds more than 75% of the CoreCpuFreq then the other core automatically is called upon with 25% of workque added to it with pagged and swapped hence it increase the performance blatantly.

DISCLAIMER : Flashing or installing custom roms, recoveries & kernels are very risky and you should follow the instructions very carefully. Techolite & its authors are not liable for any loss incurred in the process. You should have the knowledge of performing the above activities and you’re sole responsible if your device bricks.

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About The Custom Kernel

Author/Credits : Harshit Jain

Size : 8.2 MB

Arch : 32 Bit


  • Phantom Custom Kernel – Download from the official link (do not mirror it, please respect the developer)
  • TWRP Recovery – Read the guide from here
  • You should be on 32 bit based rom and running on Lollipop/Marshmallow
  • Keep your device battery above 50 %

Features On Phanton Kernel V2.0 (NEW)


  • Ondemand
  • Interactive
  • Userspace
  • Elemental X
  • BioShock
  • LionFish
  • Hells Active
  • Alucard
  • Zzmoove
  • Impulse
  • On demand Plus
  • Nightmare
  • Darkness
  • Yankactive
  • Conservative
  • Power save
  • Performance

I/O Schedulars

  • Noop
  • Deadline
  • CFQ
  • BFQ
  • Zen
  • Row ( Updated row Noop deadline to latest possible sources where as 1.8 driver version for BFQ )


  • AutoSMP
  • Intelliplug
  • Mako
  • Alucard plug
  • MsmSleeper

Features On Phanton Kernel V1.0 (OLD)

  • New successor of baba which is compiled from blazes of copper and graphite toolchain linaro 5.1 with intree optimizer.
  • Tuned entropy for new degree of randomness with high persiption
  • No heating issue
  • Enhanced fast charge (1% 1-2 minutes zzmoove and phantom governor exclusive )
  • Phantom core threading from hellscore kernel
  • Phantom governor (switch to phantom governor & then impulse bit bug will be solved later)
  • Primitive integer support
  • Phantom init gaming script
  • Zram
  • LMK(optimized)
  • Pico module read entity (no lag)
  • OTG (modules are not ready yet mounting will generate issue)
  • Wlan wakelocks (enabled by default)
  • Alucard hotplug
  • Intelliplug
  • Zzmoove impulse alucard most of governers there
  • Thread purifiers (will take time to settle down around 2-3 days and couple of reboot)
  • BFG from gods kernel git

How To Install Custom Kernel On Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Copy the download file PhAnToMFiNaL.zip on your SD Card
  2. Now boot into recovery on your device
  3. Clear dalvik and cache
  4. Go back and click install and then select the custom kernel
  5. Swipe to flash it and then reboot

twrp menu



  • The following custom kernel can be flashed only on roms which are 32 bit based and should be running on android lollipop or marshmallow
  • For OTG working you will require USB Y CABLE for that, it won’t work on normal OTG USB. You can purchase the USB Y CABLE from local market or from Flipkart
  1. Raihan says

    Apakah Bisa Di Pasang Setelah Terinstall Kernel Phantom Yang Lama

  2. Azhar Amirul MudzaKi says

    Can i install this kernel in stock rom loli??

  3. praneeth says

    I have problem with WiFi after flashing thus kernel plzz help me

  4. Pankaj rai says

    is this the best kernel for lenovo a6000 plus ressurection remix v5.6.9??

    1. Mukul Sharma says

      Try on XDA.. There are alot of awesome kernels there for kitkat to marshmallow.. Even super upgrade to this kernel is there also. Overclocked to 1.7ghz… So that’s really better.

  5. Faridz says

    How to show kernel settings like your screenshots ?

    1. MukulGamer says

      Download kernel auditer from play store then give it root access !!! DONE

      1. Faridz says


  6. Faridz says

    How to show settings like your screenshots ?

  7. Mukul Sharma says

    Tried on liquid dark Rom …No luck ..even after flashing there was an error .. that android.phone something stopped working !! so yeah !!

  8. Mukul Sharma says

    Tried on cm12 magicplus rom …after flashing new rom flashed gapps rebooted then flashed PhantomKernel.. Otg didn’t work.. Only getting charged via usb Y otg cable!

  9. Harshit Jain says

    Only Try On Lollipop 32 bit Roms.
    This Kernel Is Based On arch32 and Will only Work On 32 bit Lollipop Roms

    Working Well On Miui Lollipop Infinitive Os Mokee and Many 32 Bit Roms

    If Facing Systemui Crash Error !
    ~> Reboot To Recovery
    ~>Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select ‘/system’ ‘/cache’ ‘/dalvik’
    ~> Wipe above Partition
    ~>Flash Your 32 Bit Rom &gapps then Phantom Kernel Reboot
    ~> In This Above Process Your Data Wont Be Erased

    Harshit Jain
    Sign – Dev_harsh1998

  10. R.Divakar says

    what is the adavantahge in installing it over stock rom lolipop (lenovo a6000plus) ?

  11. Yaduvendra Yadav says

    r u sure dis gonna work properly on any custom rom?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Don’t use on miui ROM.

      1. avinash says

        Why not to miui
        suggest me for miui

  12. Narender says

    is this baba balatkari kernel??? I tried n otg didnt worked

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      This is the successor of it. And I believe the developer already mentioned that you’d require USB Y CABLE for connecting the OTG PD. Did you try that?

      1. Narender says

        no i didnt tried that.

        1. Veer Amrit Singh says

          Then you’ll have to purchase it or else borrow it from some friend and try it. BTW it should work for sure.

  13. Sandeep Verma says

    thank you installing it now

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Let us know how it is. Thanks and support the developer as well by reporting.

  14. Ashok says

    This looks amazing Sir :) will try this evening

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Superb, will be waiting to hear it from you soon. Any issues, ask us.

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