Lenovo A6000/Plus Vibe UI 2.5 Lollipop Custom Rom

Vibe Ui 2.5 is a custom rom based on stock lollipop 5.0.2 Vibe UI rom for Lenovo A6000 and Plus. The rom has many deep features of Stock Lollipop roms with few additions and enhancements. The vibe ui 2.5 rom is smooth and faster than the stock lollipop rom and has features like auto screen lock wallpaper changer, yes it does changes the lock screen wallpaper itself. The transitions and response rate is quite faster than the stock lollipop rom on lenovo a6000 and most of the features which we tested are working flawlessly. For installing this rom, you will have to first upgrade to Lollipop if you are on any kitkat based rom. If you’re on any lollipop based rom then directly flash it using TWRP recovery. So download and install Vibe UI 2.5 custom rom on your Lenovo A6000/Plus.

vibe ui 2.5 custom rom lenovo a6000

DISCLAIMER : Rooting or flashing custom roms results breaking the warranty of the device. Techolite and its authors are not responsible for any damage which is incurred in the process of flashing custom roms or rooting the device. We highly advice to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process.


About The Rom

  • Android Verion : 5.0.2
  • ROM Version : 2.0
  • Type : Vibe UI 2.5
  • Author/Credits : Unknown
  • Rom Size : 692 MB


  • Pre-Rooted
  • 64 Bit
  • Display & Animations Tweaks
  • Scrolling effects
  • Toast animation
  • Toast icon
  • Heads up notification
  • Notification drawer
  • Status bar options
  • FC notifications
  • Lock screen wallpaper changer
  • Gesture anywhere
  • Themes
  • Weather app
  • Notepad
  • Speech to text

How to Install Vibe UI 2.5 Custom Rom

Step 1 : Copy the Vibe UI 2.5 Custom Rom and Setup Removal Wizard in your SD card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery

  • Switch off your device
  • Now press Volume Down + Power Button together for 2-5 seconds until you see the bootloader
  • Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop and then flash TWRP recovery (read the guide here)

Step 3 :  Make full wipe including “system” (data, dalvik, system, cache)

Step 4 : Now go back and click install and then click one level up

Step 5 : Flash the ROM

Step 6 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2-5 minutes)


  • None so far reported


NOTE : You can now head over to the updated version of this rom over here or can continue using this rom. The latest version is VIBE UI 2.9 which is based on Lollipop 5.1.1 which much more improvements.

  1. Man says

    Support 4g in sim 2 ???
    Pleaae tell me:
    [email protected]

    Thank you!

  2. Ashwin says

    Bhai Download Comic OS ROM …It gives all new features and also Android 7.1.1 So Upgrade Cosmic Os 7.1.1

    Goto This Link & Download All Files Including Gapps

  3. Murugan says

    Link not work pls fix

    1. Techolite says

      You need TWRP custom Recovery installed first.
      Watch the guide from here on how to install TWRP – https://www.droid-hive.com/33217/how-to-install-custom-recovery-on-lenovo-a6000-or-plus.html

  4. Tan Chi Kit says

    Setup Wizard Removal zip is not here……

  5. Muhammad Iqbal says

    I have a Lenovo A6000(not plus) ,, and System OS First is Kitkat ,, and available upgrade to Lolipop , and me upgrade to Lolipop ,, And the results look very good, but very much eat ram so it becomes slow. How to handle it? Please Answer me…

    1. Techolite says

      Try some new ROM.

  6. Ashwin Nanaware says

    Hey, Hi Everyone. I am here an Information Technology student to tell you everything about this ROM. Initially I rooted my phone 6 months after purchasing this phone Lenovo A6000 plus. I was on KitKat 4.4.2 platform. Firmware update to 4.4.4 before rooting. After rooting there were lots of bugs such as lagging, battery issue, apps crashes. So I decided to upgrade to lollipop. To install this ROM Vibe UI 2.5, first we need to get upgrade Lollipop. You can upgrade officially (if not rooted) or can download Stock ROM from Techolite. I downloaded stock lollipop ROM. It was too battery consuming, lagging, needed more RAM. Also it is not pre-rooted. So Root Access gone. So I decided to upgrade to Vibe UI 2.5, even if our mobile A6000/A6000+ is on Vibe 2.0, we can upgrade to Vibe UI 2.5. So I downloaded Vibe UI 2.5 from Techolite website. This Custom ROM is pre-rooted. First I rooted my mobile by Mobile App named Kingroot(can also root by PC). Then externally I downloaded Lenovo_A6000_TWRP-3.0.0-1_x64-L_by_SevenMaxs.zip. Also downloaded tkgapps-5.0.x-20150404-minimal-edition-signed. After this I go to recovery​ mode, Flash this ROM(remember after flashing erase Dalvik cache, system and data…Also keep Backup of all apps apk, especially All Google Apps). Then reboot your device. After that you will get new UI but will not have Any Google Apps, nor Play Store nor Share It too(cause this ROM does not have any pre-installed Gapps). Install Some Google Apps such as Play Store, Google Play Service, Voice Search, Gmail externally by backuped apk or taking from other phone(As it doesn’t get pre-installed GApps). Then Again go-to to Recovery mode & go-to to install, then add zip first of Vibe UI 2.5(won’t get any apps erase) and also add GApps zip(mentioned above file) to zip and then only Flash both. If you flashed just GApps it won’t work/get success . So flashing both is good. Again just wipe dalvik cache and reboot your device. After reboot Go to Play Store and set up your account within 2 min after reboot ( If late it won’t work) and after setup, it’s done. You can now sign in to all Google Apps and install any app.
    I suggest you all that once you install this Custom ROM you will like it much that you won’t revert back. Nor upgrade to new Vibe UI 2.9. This is the best Custom ROM for Lenovo A6000/A6000+ phone ever. I am still on this ROM and will never upgrade. I have loved it a lot. It has no bugs, not problem, it’s a faster, excellent battery life, excellent memory efficient. It uses less RAM and give us feedback upto 1103-1110 MB. This Custom ROM is awesome, fantastic, excellent. Maybe you too like it and upgrade as soon as possible. May be all have got your doubts clear. Please refer the screenshots below to get review. If any problem contact me on FB/8087456932-On this no/here. So what are you waiting for! Let’s Do It!.
    Thank you all.
    Thank you Team Techolite & Disqus.
    Thank you…😃 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0fb762eefa133af482b8347c555c7da56f4b977ccba31841ce250a76c713e7f9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/060a0066208b56b736047cd4acc952aa195a1a380baf4f62d0aab48382b4bae0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8322bd2b41e229298211ae83c71fee2ed7b6040b9e4d778243ace514759718fe.jpg

    1. Abhi says

      Bro download link is not opening
      Please give vibe UI 2.5 ROM in drive link
      I using worst ROM I won’t to change please…

  7. Risky Rohilla says

    Can you convert them center to English

    1. Ashwin Nanaware says

      No. We cannot. This is Chinese base OS. So we cannot.

  8. Deepjyoti Saikia says

    can you change the chinese language to english ??

  9. Ashwin N says

    Please some 1 tell me….have anybody installed this ROM???
    & if yes, does it works good….does we get 4G??? Pls reply

    1. Ashwin Nanaware says

      Yo. Yes you can. Actually I am Ashwin. This is me. I asked here but no1 replied, so I replied here. 😅

  10. Ashwin N says

    Veer Amrit Singh…
    Does 4G works or not???…..Caz I m installing this rom 2day….& I want 4G….pls reply soon…

  11. aryaan says

    4g sim open in this rom?

    1. Ashwin N says

      Hey…Have u install this custom ROM????

    2. Ashwin Nanaware says

      Yes, 4G SIM opens in this ROM

    3. Ashwin Nanaware says

      Yes it opens.

  12. aniket says

    In that Google account is not accepted

    1. Ashwin Nanaware says

      After you have flash the this ROM, Install all the Basic Google Apps (apk from net or take from other phones) ie; Paly store,play services, Google app, Voice recognition. After that again flash this ROM(data won’t get erase even you clear dalvik cache) also with ROM add zip file of 5.0.x Gapps and after rebooting phone quickly open Play Store and set up your account(if delayed more than 2 min it won’t work). Same was mine problem. But got solved by this method. Now working excellent. So please do….

  13. Rani rohilla says

    Can we install this without wiping anything

    1. Rani rohilla says

      And cannot use 4G

    2. Ashwin Nanaware says

      Atleast you need to wipe dalvik cache during flashing or after flashing (obviously it won’t work until you wipe). It works perfectly.

  14. Fahmi says

    hey rg, what number 5 mean?
    can u explain more step 5? i don’t get it

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Sorry updated the steps, you just need to flash the rom. That’s it.

  15. tamizhl says

    how to add account on google play does not working
    pls tell me

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Do a factory reset once. It’ll work.

      1. aniket says

        No it’s not working

        1. sivaprasath says

          As far I know .. I faced the same problem.. So i downloaded King root (app availlable in play store If not able to access playstore do download from apkmirror or someother apk website) .. Once you download make sure it is connected to Internet.. Go for root .. It will not take more than 5 min.. then try logging in Play store or google account.. It will work fine..
          Disclaimer: It Involves user’s Risk…

  16. Jeevan Kumar says

    dont install this rom, 4g network bands were changed and not working. its not a rom, its a patch file.

  17. Jeevan Kumar says

    dont install this rom, 4g network bands were changed and not working. its not a rom, its a patch file.

      1. Abhi says

        Give me vibe UI 2.5 rom another link
        The first link is not opening

  18. Hacker Boy says

    unable to download the recovery please help

  19. Hacker Boy says

    unable to download the recovery please help

  20. narender saini says

    this is bug less please tell. me i am waiting for your answer

  21. narender saini says

    this is bug less please tell. me i am waiting for your answer

  22. narender saini says

    is this rom is bugless

  23. narender saini says

    is this rom is bugless

  24. Avinash Baburao says

    Working great. Interface is so good…

  25. Avinash Baburao says

    Working great. Interface is so good…

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