Lenovo A7000 OmniROM Android Oreo 8.1 Based

OmniROM is believed to be the successor of CyanogenMod with redesigned power menu, fading navbar buttons and offers a variety of custom features like dual-column settings, dynamic notification drawer headers, custom screenshot, advanced reboot etc.

Lenovo A7000 users can enjoy features on OmniROM Oreo such as an active display which is very useful to view notifications and messages from your lock screen and the option to enable and configure through the Settings menu.

The ROM is based on 64 bit CPU architecture, you need to flash GApps 8.1 along with the ROM using TWRP custom recovery. You may also like Nitrogen OS which is quite popular and has a different flavor.

Disclaimer: Rooting and Flashing custom ROM’s breaks the warranty. You are sole responsible if you brick your device or the SD card doesn’t work. You should take a backup of your personal data and files.

oreo omnirom

About The ROM

Contributors :AKS12, Rohan Taneja, Aryan Kedare, daniel_hk,mugik
ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP by Rohan Taneja,AKS12, HDHR or Aryan Kedare
Based On: AOSP
Status: Beta


  •  Heads up bar
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Custom carrier label
  • Icons manager
  • Notification tweaks
  • Custom theme


  1. Keep your device charged above 50%
  2. Backup your files and data. Take a nandroid backup of the current ROM
  3. TWRP must be installed, you can follow the guide to install it

How To Install

  1. Copy the ROM and GApps on your device
  2. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  3. Clean Dalvik, Cache, System
  4. Go back and select install
  5. Navigate to the ROM and select it along with the GApps and flash


NOTE: Flash the proximity sensor and Supersu after first boot. For Google Apps select ARM64 Package of GApps. You can also flash other custom ROMs like Dirty Unicorns & MAD OS, check their features and select which one you like.