[Download] Lenovo K4 Note Marshmallow 6.0 Update [Official]

A very good news for Lenovo K4 Note users, finally and very quickly Android Marshmallow 6.0 update has been released and we can assure that it is pretty much better than Lollipop. Lenovo K4 Note Marshmallow 6.0 Update can be downloaded and installed very easily on your smartphone. Lenovo has officially not yet disclosed the date of release for Android M for Lenovo K4 Note for Indian users but we have got our hands on it already from Thailand forums which was officially released and we would be glad to share and let you experience the new operating system for your device. This release is official and might contain bug which can be fixed later by the lenovo team, but so far after using it we haven’t found any bugs but the speed and performance on android marshmallow on Lenovo K4 Note has increased immensely.

Lenovo K4 Note Marshmallow 6.0 Update


  • Drivers – Driver_Windows_MTK_Preloader_Techolite.zip
  • Lenovo K4 Note Lollipop Stock Rom – A7010a48_S147_160113_ROW_Techolite_com (No need to download if you are already on A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW)
  • Lenovo K4 Note Marshmallow 6.0 Stock Rom – A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW_TO_A7010a48_S200_160309_ROW_WC19FA0C1E.zip (rename it to update.zip)
  • Keep your smartphone’s battery charged upto 70%
  • Enable USB Debugging on your smartphone by going to Settings > About > Tap Build Number 10 times until you get the “Developer Mode Enabled” message. After that go back and open Developer Options from Settings and tick “USB Debugging”

How To Upgrade To Marshmallow 6.0 On Lenovo K4 Note

  1. Extract Driver_Windows_MTK_Preloader and then open Driver_Windows_MTK_Preloader\Auto Installation and run Instalar.bat as administratorlenovo k4 note driver install
  2. Extract 7010a48_S147_160113_ROW_Techolite_com and run LenovoUsbDriver_1.1.16.exe 
  3. Restart your pc/computer once else your device won’t be detected
  4. Connect your Lenovo K4 Note once using USB and let the computer detect it
  5. Open the  7010a48_S147_160113_ROW_Techolite_com > A7010_flashtool_v5.1536.00 folder and run flash_tool.exe (run as administrator)
  6. Once the Flash Tool opens > Click Scatter Loading > Select MT6753_Android_scatter.txt
  7. Click Download Button from the top of the Flash Tools
  8. Now turn off your Lenovo K4 Note and connect it to your computer using USB Cable
  9. Once done > Reboot your device and follow the instructions settings
  10. Now connect to WiFi on your device and goto Settings > About Phone > System Updates and download all the three updates one by one
    1. Update 1 – A7010a48_S147_160113_ROW_TO_A7010a48_S148_160201_ROW
    2. Update 2 – A7010a48_S148_160201_ROW_TO_A7010a48_S150_160219_ROW
    3. Update 3 – A7010a48_S150_160219_ROW_TO_A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW
  11. Now copy the update.zip file on your SD card
  12. Enter recovery mode on your device by Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button all together
  13. Release the Power Button until you see the recovery menu and then release the power buttons as well when the Lenovo Logo appears
  14. Now select update from sd card and then select  update.zip
  15. Wait till it is installed. Even if you get error message then reboot
  16. Reset your device once and you are done.

NOTE : If you are already on A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW then follow the steps from 11- 16.


 A special thanks and all the credits goes to Adriano Cesar de Oliveira Santos. Also if you’ve any doubt or error while installing the Marshmallow Rom on your Lenovo K4 Note then feel free to comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends and exchange the reviews of the newly installing rom your device. Have fun and enjoy!


Official firmware – Lenovo_A7010a48_S219_160810_ROW (1.8G)

  1. mohamed ahmed says

    what can i do if my lenovo A7010a48 2GB ram 32GB internal memory
    is this Rom will help me
    OTA server will update to S219 but after update my lenovo stopped at logo

    please help me

  2. Vishal says

    Plz upgrade to 7.0 in k4note

  3. Gizmo Update says

    Will it get Android 7.0 Nougat firmware OTA update ?

  4. Prabhu says
    1. Dede Chayra says

      Sir.. .. . Are you sure, is worked?? ??

  5. Watch Manoj says

    update marshmello how to support volte

  6. agu says

    Will it get ota after upgrade fm recovey???

  7. ANSHU SINGH says



  8. Jayesh says

    After updating to Marshmallow incoming calls are not coming in A7010…in 216 version…so please update to 218…it’s better than 216… Actually Marshmallow is waste… lollipop is better..

  9. Anand says

    will it also work for lenove k5 vibe plus?

  10. harshhitha says

    same here

  11. Indro says

    Now the phone is even refusing to start up. All I am getting is a lenovo start up screen and nothing else.

  12. Indro says

    How long does it take for the update? I am getting ‘ Android is upgrading….Starting app’ message since last 8 hours.

    1. Praveen Huidrom says

      Is ur problem slove

  13. Dinesh Sd says

    After upgrading 6.0 my lenovo weather widget is not working..what should I do?

  14. dixit arora says


  15. yash says

    after updating to S214 from S205 Volte support removed

  16. Mayur k says

    Guys can anybody please help me out from this..
    I’ve got new 30-40 MB of update recently after updating my lenovo k4 note with Marshmallow and after updating that my phone is continuously restarting and apps are not working properly it is hanging as well..please help. :-(

  17. Omkar says

    Lenovo team already released Marshmallow on 28-05-2016, so you can update official M. And it’s running awesome….very smooth, takes littlebit ram extra, superb battary backup, No hangings,
    Exta finger prints. Every thing is superb. After update of M, you need to update all your phone apps….

    1. Kumar says

      Yes.agreed.I am also installed official OTA marshmallow update and phone rocks now.

    2. Nishant says

      please give the website link, im stuck with this shitty one

  18. Anbu says

    Hi Abhishek kumar sharma , Just follow step 1 to 7 for go back to lollipop :)

  19. Shariq says

    While doing factory reset am getting China language !! any help on this ,.. am on 6.0 now… as per the above update !!


    My phone hangs a lot after upgrading my lenovo K4 note to 6.0 ! I want to go back into lollipop.. plzz suggest me way to demote my Android version…. plz plzz plzz. !! I really don’t want to use this version of Android in my phone..

  21. Madhab aryal says

    Recently I updated through ota and wifi and Bluetooth stopped working. Please help me out of this shitty problem. Thanks in advance.

  22. Raj says

    im unable to log into my home screen after updating

    marshmallow update sucks!!

  23. ganesh says

    Android 6 on lenovo Note K4 is really bad , My charging is slow and my time is not updating regular , apps are slow

    1. rj says

      really ? why my phone has no problem on updating to android version 6.0 . my phone is also lenovo vibe k4 note . a7010

  24. sumit dahiya says

    there is no finger print option showing in settings-security in my k4 note after update to marshmallow

    1. Sandeep Kaushik says

      I am also same problem of finger print option not showing.is there any way to resolve?

      1. Sandeep Kaushik says

        Now finger print is working after restarting.thx

    2. ABHI says

      Fingerprint option Is available in Security after Updating to Android M.

  25. Bharat Padhiyar says

    just chill bro many app use less so u desable this app and restart your smartphone and enjoy… bro…

  26. Bhavya Joshi says

    There is No Fingerprint tab in security, in my lenovo k4 after the updates, where to find? pl help

  27. VAKAR says

    Hi I have update leneno k4 Note to marshmallow. Now my phone performance is bad some time stuck for open application and take some time to launch launcher.
    I suggest to another K4Note user please don’t upgrade to marshmallow.

    1. Raj says

      the same happened to me!

  28. Samson Warrior says

    I upgraded my mobile to Android 6.0. Battery is showing 100%. its not at all comming down. have bettery charging issue as well, not charging fast with turbo charger. it is functioning differently. Can anyone help in this ?

  29. Gurinder says

    Omg I lost my fingerprint scanner and date connection so please tell me how to fix bugs I so worried about my warranty

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      For Fingerprint, go to SETTINGS > SECURITY and then there you will find fingerprint scanner. If you’re talking about hardware issue then do a factory reset which will solve the data connection problem as well.

  30. Bishal says

    I just upgraded to Marshmallow by OTA, It’s Working 100% fine! Google play services needs to be Upgraded!

  31. Bhanabhagawanwala Abhishek k says

    Really it’s not work ?
    I m confused
    Please help me..

  32. Shub_zzz says

    restart the mobile or sync ur gmail account …. it must work
    then also failure occurs then reset ur device….hope u don’t have to do so…

  33. emil says

    My phone is not unlocking after drawing pattern. Please help me

  34. emil says

    Me also facing same problem. Phone not unlocking after updating. Please help

  35. sabare says

    taking more time for upgrading android how long it will take

  36. Raj Sharma says

    Hi I have update leneno k4 Note to marshmallow. Now my phone performance is bad some time stuck for open application and take some time to launch launcher.
    I suggest to another K4Note user please don’t upgrade to marshmallow.

  37. Vaishali says

    I have upgraded to Android 6 marshmallow on k4 note. But contacts are not loaded

    1. Did you found the solution.. me facing same problem.

  38. Sidharth says

    Hi i am in update s207 and i am not able to move past this update as im not able to find a update from S207 to s208 in this case can i get back to stock rom and try to install the marshmallow update or do i need to take my phone to service center to fix this any reply will help me PLZ

  39. himanshu jain says

    what should i do? download and update it form here or let it update from my k4 note????

  40. KATHIRAVAN.K says

    Yesterday I installed the Android 6. Updated successfully but alert messages come my mobile . How can I manage it .

  41. KATHIRAVAN.K says

    Download Android 6.0 update My Mobile problem Coming New Alerts & Mobile Broadcost pls Help

  42. MDSHOIAB Shoiab says

    I here update my phone to Marshmallow lenovo k4 but problem is that,the app which can’t move to external sdcard that not give options….can I know how can I do that

  43. Raj Mohammed says

    Just tell me how to demote back to lollipop version

    1. himanshu jain says

      download the lollipo rom provided in this page and do the same for it.

  44. Raj Mohammed says

    This is not for k4 note…but i upgraded by reading above procedure and facing UI problems

  45. anil says

    Omg I lost my fingerprint scanner and date connection so please tell me how to fix bugs I so worried about my warranty

    1. Laishangbam London says

      Please perform a factory reset… for me everything is working fine and clear.
      1. Camera works fine and more vivid colours .
      2. Performance is quite good.
      3. Fingerprint works well and can register 5 finger.
      4. All Apps can be lock by using fingerprint.
      5. Battery performance improved.
      6. UI is awesome.
      7. Added an option for screen pinning.
      8. Toggle buttons can be easily organised.
      9. Everything is fine and good as compare to lollipop k4 note.

      1. Nasib Kumar says

        Hi Laishangbam,
        May I know on which version you are currently running as i’ve checked that there is no fingerprint lock for the apps.

        There are so many bugs i’ve seen but as per this review it’s working perfectly.

        1. Laishangbam London says

          I am using update S211

    2. Nasib Kumar says

      just reset your mobile it’ll be working.

  46. Dq says

    New Update S211


    1. London Singh says

      Please identify any bugs involved/improvement after updating to S211 update.
      Also pls define the performance and stability of following components/software as compare to lolipop:
      1. Camera
      2. Fingerprint
      3. Ram & ROM
      4. Battery
      5. Display
      6. Charging and discharging
      7. Network connectivity
      8. Call quality
      9. UI
      10. Sensors
      11. Fingerprint app lock
      12. Antutu benchmark

      Thank you.

      1. Dq says

        Everything is working fine……

        Delete/clear user data and then flash update…

  47. Pramod Korgaonkar says

    After updating to MM My device ca not unlock by Fingerprint or password so I not able to open my device . Please help.

    1. emil says

      hi pramod..
      ur pblm solved? me too have same pblm. pls let me know if u got any solution

  48. Zamil says

    Well, please do me a hepla Lenovo k4 note the Lenovo vibe k4 note Please, someone tell me please what is the difference between

    1. Teju says

      Hey it’s using more than 2 GB RAM how to solve this

      1. Dinesh.M says

        Even i have the Same Question ??? Before Upgrading it was 1043 mb or little More. but after upgrading it taking More than 2 Gb…??

  49. sufi says

    Hie gud morning
    Any bugs in new updated for k4 note in A7010A48_S209 please help me

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      No bugs so far, its running smoothly.

  50. Dharmesh says

    i have download the android M but this is not fully working many problem
    1 not work fingerprint
    2. data connection
    4.whatup tune not working
    5. many app not working

    please help

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      You have to do a factory reset once after upgrading to Marshmallow.

  51. Dharmesh says

    i tried to upgrade to marshmello.. but my phone is stuck at “android is starting… starting app” i dont seem to have any means o restarting as the battery is non removable.. plz help.. its urgent

  52. mandeep singh says

    how to get or update lenovo k4 note Marshmallow Android 6.0 from build number S202 to s322??

  53. Ravichandra banala says

    HI .

    i want oto rollback from 6.0 to 5.1. (s209 to s152)

    i cant find official stockrom of k4 note.
    my previous version is (A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW).
    could you please help me.

    1. Nasib Kumar says

      you also can do one thing that just go to any nearest lenovo store and ask them to update your device without saying them that you have updated into marshmallow.
      The service center engineer will automatically degrade the same without saying anything.

  54. NILESH ATHARE says

    i tried to upgrade to marshmello.. but my phone is stuck at “android is starting… starting app” i dont seem to have any means o restarting as the battery is non removable.. plz help.. its urgent..

  55. NILESH ATHARE says

    if i happen to screw up my phone while updating or after updating and want to revert back.. what should i do?

  56. Vinay says

    Better to wait marshmallow update in india instead of force ROM update. This marshmallow ROM has lots of bug. Like atom sound not working, google services stopped, proximity sensor isn’t working properly, fingerprint sensor not working sometime, etc etc . so I decided back to lollipop.

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Fingerprint sensor is working pretty well, I didn’t face any problem so far.

      1. Kevendra says

        What is your phone

  57. vasu says

    Is it official update , will I get other new updates from lenovo after flashing

  58. Vijay says

    After flashing this ROM.. After usage of 3-4 hours the device is restarting without any action.. Restarted 4-5 times continuously then I don’t a factory reset then Its normal.. How to solve this? Bug?

    1. Robert D Rackinson says

      You did the factory reset?

      1. Vijay says

        Yes I did from then it’s fine but not sure … I’m afraid that the problem would occur again

  59. Ibrahim Syed says

    My device is not detected by the flash tool. it asks for MT6753 and my device shows up as MT65xx

  60. Ibrahim Syed says

    how do i install my original lolipop back?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Flash the Lollipop stock rom using SP Flash Tools.

  61. LibzOnline says

    What’s the space took by os in marshmallow rom?

  62. Karthick says

    Hi Guys,

    The marshmallow firmware posted here(s200) is quite outdated. Update to s202 to experience a better rom with less bugs. I guess there is also a later version released. However im using s202 as my daily driver now. Just waiting for someone to post rooting procedure to get the device rooted.

  63. Nirav Shah says


    I second you, have faced all these issues, so flashed s147 rom and updated upto 2152. Shall wait for OTA update i guess.

    One more bug I noticed is that auto Rotate is not working. The icon on the notification settings is not usable, have to manually go to display in settings. Most frustrating is loss of audio after earphones.

  64. Nasib Kumar says

    Hi All,
    I’ve updated my mobile a week ago and I am a technical person so as per me there are some bugs like:
    1. Major problem i’ve faced with sound as while listening the songs in earplugs after removing the earplugs the output of sound stopped from the speakers and for that I’ve to restart the mobile and only for this problem i want to fixed up so please if anyone can then please let me know.
    2. Google play services stopped working error while opening the messaging app.
    3.Some apps stop working cause of permission. It’s a good and also a very bad thing. Good is that google made it internally but in vibe ui it was there as an separate icon in settings but now you have to find it in app settings.
    4. The battery backup was slightly better in Lollipop.
    5. Also charging was slightly better in Lollipop.
    6 The another major thing is about storage as in Lollipop in storage there was an option for storing the apps and date in outer storage but in marshmallow it is not there for that you have to make the sd card as an internal storage that is good and bad also. Good is like that you can make it as internal storage but bad thing is that you can’t use that sd card in other transfers directly from pc or anything.
    7. You can’t move the data from internal storage to usb and also from usb otg to internal that is very big mistake as per me.

    1. The ui in marshmallow is very good and smooth. I like it very much.
    2. Performance is good.
    3. No lags while performing anything.

  65. avish says

    where is fingerprint scanner ? after this update?

    1. Nasib Kumar says


      1. Arijit Mukherjee says

        Fingerprint option is not there under Settings>Security after the update.

  66. Priyank Goshar says

    Works for me completely… in case of any bug, again go into recovery and flash it.. its in chinese so choose the
    2nd option and then again click the second option .
    this time, it will show update succeeded ! :D

  67. dsrs94 says

    I think it is not official released. ROM is still in testing phase, it has Whats-app bug, Bluetooth bugs and Ram Usage

  68. Sachin says

    Saw the user reviews
    The ROM update causes lags???

    Is it true???

  69. Sudheer Babu Rayala says

    My version is S153 not S152 update was failed in S153

  70. Sudheer Babu Rayala says

    I am already on S153 what i have to do

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Download the Marshmallow rom and update it using stock recovery.

  71. Iron Man says

    is it working properly without any bugs????

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Yes it is working absolutely fine.
      Check this review from a user of this rom – http://bit.ly/1SgQtPy

      1. venkat says

        I upgrade Android 6.0 I didn’t get recharged will you please solve my problem

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