Lenovo Vibe P1m AOSP Extended 4.5 Nougat Custom ROM

Lenovo Vibe P1m AOSP Extended custom ROM is based on Android Nougat 7.1.2 and is running on 64-bit CPU architecture which is very smooth and the custom ROM to be used as a daily driver.

AOSP Extended 4.5 Nougat Custom ROM is almost bug-free and we have not got any reports as of yet even after using it for 48 hours. The camera works pretty well without any glitch or dims to the flashlight which we faced on the previous Lineage OS 7.1.2 Nougat Custom ROM which had minor bugs, but you may even try Mokee which is absolutely free of any bugs.

In this ROM you will get many features and you will definitely love to explore and use them which will make your device totally different from before. Lenovo Vibe P1m AOSP Extended custom ROM has Substratum Theme Engine support and we have even made a video of it which you can check it in the Video section below. Substratum helps you change the entire looks and feel of the user interface along with changing the notification music and boot animations. There are a wide variety of themes available to download in the Play Store both free and paid.

lenovo vibe p1m aosp extended nougat custom rom banner

Lenovo Vibe P1m AOSP Extended Custom ROM should be flashed through the latest TWRP Recovery 3.1.1 along with Google Apps (Gapps) on your device or else you will face error while installing this ROM.

DISCLAIMER: Techolite and its authors are not responsible for any loss of data or bricked devices. It is your sole responsibility to install custom ROMS’s or root your device and breaking the device warranty.

ROM Details

  • Android Version: 7.1.2 (Nougat)
  • ROM Version: 4.5
  • Type: AOSP Extended
  • Author/Credits: darklord4822
  • Language: Multi-Language
  • Size: 409 MB
  • Source: Lenovo Forums

Features & Working List

  • DUI(Flying/Pulse/Smartbar)
  • Substratum Theme Engine
  • Omni’s QSHeaders Background
  • One-Handed UI
  • Inbuilt SuperSU
  • Privacy Guard
  • Expanded Desktop
  • Statusbar Clock/Date customizations
  • Dashboard suggestions/summaries (Enable/Disable)
  • Notification Intervals
  • Increasing Volume of Ringtone
  • D2S on Navbar
  • Long press Back button to kill the app
  • Dashboard Column configurations
  • Detailed Location QS Tile!
  • Statusbar Traffic Indicators
  • Notification count
  • Dt2s on Statusbar
  • QS quick pull down
  • QS Brightness Slider(Enable/Disable)
  • QS Tiles Animations
  • Force expand notifications(Enable/Disable)
  • Immersive Mode messages(Enable/Disable)
  • Flashlight Notifications
  • Immersive Recents
  • Toast icon
  • MediaScanner behavior on boot
  • Power Menu Customizations
  • Additional Battery Saver steps
  • Volume Rocker tweaks(Wake/Music seek/Keyboard cursor control/Swap in landscape mode)
  • Spanish Translations
  • PT BR Translations
  • Update Fling Logo
  • Add gestures back to settings app
  • QS haptic feedback
  • One tap data & Wifi tile
  • Auto brightness icon toggle
  • Breathing Notifications
  • Clickable clock and date in status bar header
  • Long press gear icon in status bar header launches Extensions
  • Show 4G instead of LTE switch
  • Night Mode is back
  • Night Mode QS Tile
  • Long press caffeine tile action
  • Customize QS Rows/Columns
  • Customize small QS Tiles
  • StatusBar brightness control
  • Lockscreen Shortcut
  • Double tap on the lock screen to sleep
  • Quick Unlock for PIN/Password
  • Battery Styles and percentage
  • Change default file manager to MK Explorer
  • Add FMRadio
  • Navbar QS Tile
  • Flip Button Animation
  • Unlink Notification volume
  • Status bar clock Seconds
  • Partial ScreenShot Type
  • Screenshot Delay
  • Slimperience browser
  • Pixel’s boot animation(Experimental)
  • Pixel’s UI(Navbar/Accent/Pixel launcher)
  • OMS7
  • Camera sound toggle
  • Advanced Ambient Display
  • Long press power button on lock screen for torch
  • Disable FC
  • Wakelock Blocker
  • Toggle Lockscreen Media Art
  • Toggle Lockscreen music Visualizer
  • Ticker
  • Bluetooth QS tile easy toggle(one touch)
  • CM’s Eleven Music Player
  • Disable QS on Lock screen
  • Invert Ambient display’s Color
  • Toggle Dynamic notification card’s color
  • Low Battery Notification Toggle
  • Hide Clock/Date/Alarm text from lock screen
  • Lock screen Clock’s Font customizations
  • Weather on lock screen
  • AEXPapers
  • Heads up customizations
  • DU’s HW button rebinding
  • Button backlight customizations
  • Recent clear all fab button and re-positioning
  • Recent Free Ram bar
  • Custom Carrier label
  • Dynamic Navbar

How To Install

Things To Do Before Installing

  • Keep the battery charge above 70 % because the process might take some time
  • Please follow the instructions carefully else you might brick your device
  • Take an entire backup of your personal data and contacts
  • You must be on TWRP Custom Recovery


  1. Copy the Custom ROM on your SD card
  2. Reboot to custom recovery (Turn off your device then press Volume Down Button + Power Button together)
  3. Clear cache, system, Dalvik, data
  4. Go back and select install then select the custom ROM along with the GApps and slide to install
  5. Once the installation is done, reboot your device
  6. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the setup page is shown


  • None so far reported


lenovo p1m nougat custom rom lenovo vibe p1m custom rom


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  1. I have an issue that after a day of normal usage my RAM is 100% used by Android system, phone became very lagy. Also battery drains faster. With Lineage rom I didnt have that kind of issues. Only pro for aosp rom is root access.

  2. ROm have been good, smoothly.
    However the photo is lightgreen cover photo when camera capture with flash. Please fix it! Thank you so much!

  3. Who developed this rom? Is There a thread on XDA?
    I wanna try it now but would like to see developer’s thread on XDA ))

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