Lenovo Vibe P1m MIUI 8 Multi ROM Based On Lollipop

Lenovo Vibe P1m MIUI 8 Multi ROM is based on Lollipop which is the more stable and the previous bugs have been fixed already, the ROM is pretty smooth and the battery life is also very good. You can use Reliance Jio SIM without any problem and it works flawlessly, in the settings, there is a new option of dual apps which helps you to run two parallel applications such as running two official WhatsApp on the single device with two different accounts simultaneously.

You’ll also find new features implemented for the battery and power consumption such as performance mode or balance mode where the former makes the device run smoothly without any lag while the later balances the ram management and distributes the ram memory according to the users experience which means it saves the battery backup while cutting the performance of the applications running, the same feature is present in MIUI 9 as well.

If you are willing to install any Nougat based custom ROM then you can install Darkness Redefined or Mokee which have the latest security patch included.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting or flashing custom ROMs breaks the warranty. You are responsible for any loss.

lenovo p1m miui 8 banner

About MIUI

  • Pre-rooted
  • Gapps included
  • Reliance Jio Sim working
  • Interface customization
  • Miscellaneous customization
  • Pure lollipop experience
  • Multiple language support
  • Heads-up bar
  • Quick options
  • Dark themes
  • Power menu advance options
  • Lock screen notifications
  • Transparent toggle bar
  • Tiles bar modifications
  • Progressive bar modifications

About The ROM

  • Android Version: 5.0.2
  • ROM Version: 8.0.2
  • Type: MIUI
  • Author/Credits: UserXP
  • Language: Multi-Language
  • Size: 813 MB
  • Source: 4pda

How To Install Lenovo Vibe P1m MIUI 8 Multi ROM

  1. Copy the Custom ROM on your SD card
  2. Reboot to custom recovery (Turn off your device then press Volume Down Button + Power Button together)
  3. Clear cache, system, dalvik, data
  4. Go back and select install then select the custom ROM and slide to install
  5. Once the installation is done, reboot your device
  6. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the home screen is shown


  • Video recording (use any third party app instead)



  1. Suyog Mundhe says

    hii, I want to install this ROM, but my mobile’s motherboard is changed because of some technical problems. Does this ROM will install properly without any problem? Please reply me…

  2. Andreana Ramdhani says

    thank you very much for sharing :)

  3. medo says

    can u help me to stop caller id voice ,
    When he receives a call, he starts reading the caller’s name, very annoying

  4. Mohammad Rababah says

    can u help me to stop caller id voice ,
    When he receives a call, he starts reading the caller’s name, very annoying
    please help

  5. Sethu says

    Rom is pretty awesome… But the GPS is not working…can u fix it plz..!

  6. rulnovekom says

    buat cara update miui nya gmna?

  7. Suresh Suthar says

    when we will get update ?

  8. Suresh Suthar says

    Hello this is awesome work,
    Please fix bugs and give ota update.

  9. grayArt says

    Hi there Devs whose behind this awesome work, I currently using this ROM and the Bugs I encounter so far are Yellow Notification Light Only then Red for Battery Charging. When Using Other Launcher like Holo, not allowing to change Wallpaper, must be on the default launcher to change it then go back to Holo to take effect. Camera Recording as indicated on the bug report. There is no Choices to install Apps and Games on SD Card.

    Thanks for this.

  10. Enrique veli özbay says

    Hi Will you give me information on how to make the language patch

  11. Rajashekhar Reddy says

    This is the best ROM. Jio working ..set APN for Jio…please please update this..I need video recording…please..

    1. Sagar says

      Download camu app from play store it will help you to record video

      1. shua3b says

        Something better than nothing, i love this rom, everything works perfect except video, with your suggestion i was able to overcome video recording issue, just it’s lil bit laggy, but working..

  12. Muneer says

    is video calling is working or not ???

  13. Sandeep Tech says

    Thanks for this awesome rom

  14. Sourabh says

    Jio is not working….
    👆👆👆👆👆👆👆Fix this

    1. Abinash Kumar says

      I have also added few things in the APN setting that works for me

      Authentication Type – none
      MCC – 405
      MNC – 872
      Bearer – LTE

  15. Phani says

    Bro Jio is not workng

  16. kayum says

    Kailash bro

  17. Đậu Phộng says

    Please fix camera is not working

  18. Saif ur rehman says

    veer amrit singh can you have contact with Wizard The Miui rom developer for lenovo vibe p1m

  19. Sahin Alam says

    Plz give a marshmallow rom..miui has bugs ….

  20. Sarthak says

    When is the marshmallow rom coming for the lenovo p1m?

  21. rekibaloch$ says

    Camera is not working in video recording
    Plz fix it

  22. engr says

    we need emui or color os Roms..we are anxiously waiting for marshmallow vibe 6.01 rom also.this miui rom is not stable..espicially themes.every custom rom of vibe p1m has major problems.i download lewa os rom ,it has also problem of data connection..kindly make any one complete rom without bugs.still now NO custom rom is perfect for use..

    1. Sahin Alam says

      Plz give a marshmallow rom..miui buggy

  23. M Luqi says

    Bug bbm force close bro

  24. owner of yky says

    Bro I don’t able to download the apps from the play store it always shows that download it from wifi and I unchecked the wifi option and download it over the mobile data but it will not start downloading and sometimes it shows on the downloading process that waiting for wifi..

    1. kailash says

      Open download app in phone then click on 3 dots and then settings and set the download limit to unlimited and your problem will be solved

      1. Kayum says

        Bro this process should be done on root or without root

    2. Vijay says

      Hai. Go to Download App in your phone. and option setting set download size limit unlimted. once reoot your phone.. now working mobile in play store

  25. Sahil says

    volte or not?

  26. Naseer says

    Kindly make roms for c2 power.

  27. himanshu says

    Installation aborted during rebooting
    Plzz help

  28. himanshu says

    It shows installation aborted plzz help

  29. hemanth555 says

    Booting stuck at Mi logo after flashing the rom. It has been two hours still stuck.

  30. Veeru says

    Veer Amrit Singh Sir
    Plz upload 6.0 in marshmallow for lenovo vibe p1m

  31. Praveen Roy says

    Guys im using tis rom,its awsom but only problemis brightness issue..it fluctuates..plz fix

  32. Nitin Kant says

    Zip file is corrupt…. This error showed while flashing

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Re-download it.

  33. Nitin Kant says

    Error in zip file.

  34. Harpreet says

    Amith kindly provide me some update…video calling feature is not working in whats app skype et. Is there any fix for it?? Kindly lemme knw

  35. saikumar says

    Amith singh kindly help … rom everyhting is working great but … video calling in whats app , skype etc etc is not working is there any fix pleaase let me know…! cause i dont want to miss this rom.

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Finding a fix for you dear, I am not the developer of this rom.

  36. den says

    Xposed working?

  37. Tomáš Macák says

    So, you cant record video with stock camera or you cant record video at all?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      It doesn’t work at all.

  38. mahmoudhgag says

    i installed it and the phone reboot itself when it in sleep mod
    any body has this issue?

  39. myfirsttry8 says

    Author is UserXP

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Thanks, updated it.

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