Lenovo Vibe P1m Resurrection Remix [Lollipop/Nougat]

Lenovo Vibe P1m Resurrection Remix custom ROM is built with elegance and has a balance over user interface and performance. One of the most popular customs ROM among Android smartphone users which give the freedom to change the themes using substratum engine.

Resurrection Remix has a lot of customization options, you can turn the theme to dark mode, enable or disable the heads up notifications which means when someone messages you then you can reply from any application you’re operating at that moment without opening the messaging app. It has the latest sources of updates from Google, CyanogenMod, Omni, Paranoid Android, AOKP and Slim ROMs. Each and every part of Resurrection Remix ROM is open source.

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DISCLAIMER: Rooting or flashing custom ROMs breaks the warranty. You are responsible for any loss.

Resurrection Remix FeaturesLenovo Vibe P1M Resurrection Remix

  • Interface Customizations
  • Miscellaneous Customization
  • Pure Lollipop Experience
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Heads Up Bar
  • Quick Options
  • Dark Themes
  • Power Menu Advance Options
  • Lock Screen Notifications
  • Transparent Toggle Bar
  • Tiles Bar Modifications
  • Progressive Bar Modifications

Details Of The ROM

There are two separate ROMs in this article, one is based on Android Nougat and the other is based on Android Lollipop. The choice is yours which one you want to use, both of them have the similar features and are stable.

  • Android Version: 5.1.1 and 7.1.2
  • ROM Version: v2
  • Type: Resurrection Remix
  • Author/Credits: Wizard/fotislog/Keng/T-Rex/DhirajMS
  • Language: Multi-Language
  • Size: Around 400 MB

How To Install

  1. Copy the Custom Rom & Gapps on your SD card
  2. Reboot to custom recovery (Turn off your device then press Volume Down Button + Power Button together)
  3. Clear cache, system, dalvik, data
  4. Go back and select install then select the custom rom and slide to install
  5. Select the Gapps and Flash it
  6. Once the installation is done, reboot your device
  7. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the home screen is shown


  • None


Downloads & Requirements

To install Resurrection Remix ROM on your Lenovo Vibe P1M you will require TWRP custom recovery and your battery to be charged above 50%. Download the following two files:

  1. Tien Nguyen says

    best rom, led not work, how to fix it?

  2. Sourabkumar Dolai says

    we are waiting for MIUI rom
    Or atleast stablize the ROM and add some monthly patches.


  3. tarun says

    notification led working or not ?

    1. saurab_007 says

      nope. let not working and LTE not working

  4. saurab_007 says

    Hey dev. We are eagerly waiting for MIUI ROM from you.
    We have high hopes from you

  5. Saurab_007 says

    OTG not working.
    When I connect USB to device it reboots automatically

  6. Waqar Ahmed says

    Just installed, Seems to be working fine. LTE and 3g are working on sim 2, haven’t checked sim 1. Pre-rooted. Will update if there’ll be any bug.

    1. Waqar Ahmed says

      Okay, been using it for 2 days now. Battery seems to drain quite faster as compare to stock ROM without much LTE usage, I think with LTE or 3G on, it will drain much faster and that is not good at all. Else, is an amazing ROM.

    2. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

      Are you getting LTE Only/ 3G Only on SIM 2, or does it revert to 2G Mode when in low network?

      Also can you select anything in *#*#4636#*#* > Phone Information > Set Preferred Network Type, or is it greyed out at GSM Only?

      1. ARJUN NARAYANAN says

        I am facing the same issue. The preferred network type dropdown is disabled. Did get any work around for that?

        1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

          Gravity box works, but after reboot it’s gone

  7. Tanveer says

    now working

  8. Tanveer says

    4g not working

  9. Prakhar Bharti says

    Reply someone

  10. Prakhar Bharti says

    Please reply

  11. Prakhar Bharti says

    What is the battery backup?..is it better than aosp?
    And I request MIUI 7..not only me…everyone wants it.
    I guess the devs have started for MIUI, can you tell us how much will it take?

  12. Jenson says

    Its not working with lenovo vibe p1m. tried installing twice. It goes into a bootloop while reboot. Jus a waste of time and internet

    1. saurab_007 says

      same here struck @ bootanimation

    2. saurab_007 says

      ROM works . you just need to clear cache and Dalvik cache after every time you flash GAPPS & ROM.

  13. cwk says

    Please miui.. For vibe p1m

    1. sameer says

      NYC ROM fast n smooth

      1. saurab_007 says

        Sameer did your phone booted up ??

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