Matthew Petitto Shares 3 Tips for Youngsters to Succeed on Social Media

Matthew Petitto is an 18-year-old youngster from Staten Island, New York and he has gained popularity on social networks namely, Twitter and Twitch. The social media influencer started his journey by creating a TikTok account in July 2019 and he crossed 1 million followers on TikTok in January 2020.

Today, Matthew Petitto has gained 3.7 million followers on TikTok for posting funny & entertaining content. Moreover, he has also become a verified user on Twitch in just 2 weeks for his interesting gaming content on Twitch.

Convert Passion into Niche

Matthew Petitto asks every emerging social media influencer to pursue his career with full passion. He wants everyone to choose his niche for creating content by considering their passion. Matthew Petitto was always passionate about gaming & sports so he posts interesting gaming content on his Twitch channel.

Engage with Audience

Matthew Petitto loves to engage with his audience while positing gaming streams and he even invites people to play with him live. Due to this, he enjoys 500 streams per day on his Twitch channel.

Focus on Quality Content and Stay Away from Drama

He has taught everyone to post quality content without involving in any sort of drama & hate on social media. Matthew Petitto always focuses on positive content on his social media platforms.

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