Meet Filip Boksa- The Entrepreneur Behind BookingKoala and King of Maids Creating Waves Without Any Outside Investment

It is often said ‘Ask those who have passed the test’ or ‘You don’t know how deep the water is unless you yourself experience it.’ The same story is with entrepreneurship, a journey in which only a few succeed and not many undertake. But as an entrepreneur, if you start with full knowledge of your business and with a strong foundation, there is nothing that can stop you in the long run. Adding to it, the life of an entrepreneur is full of risks, failures, hits and trails and getting back to the right track again. Taking examples from accomplished entrepreneurs can help small businesses scale heights with minimum capital and investment. 

Meet Filip Boksa, Co-Founder of BookingKoala, a cloud-based booking solution that allows users to schedule bookings, process charges, market channels and track sales growth. Boksa is unique in his abilities, thoughts and ideas since he wishes to transform SaaS into a unicorn without the support of any outside capital or external investors. This Polish entrepreneur started hustling at a young age of 16 to earn some additional income and soon joined his father’s carpeting business where he worked for about two years. Boksa realized that if he doesn’t figure something out, this is what he’ll be doing for the rest of his life. So, his real journey started way back with King of Maids, a home cleaning service in Chicago which he started with his friend at the age of 19 with a combined investment of $6,000, and generated $5,000,000 revenue by the time he turned 23. Isn’t this a wonderful achievement? 

Boksa has always kept in mind client satisfaction and changing trends as per the technology advancement. “I still remember back to the first morning when I woke up to clients booking our services overnight. It was something special, and we figured out how to make money while we were asleep”, says Boksa. 

“At the end of the first year after we implemented the full software we looked back on the numbers and saw that we had saved over $100,000 by getting rid of three staff members simply because we didn’t need them anymore. This was huge because we used that money for marketing, which made us grow even faster”, he adds.

Boksa goes on to say that once you climb up the ladder, your daunting tasks get outsourced and as an entrepreneur, you get an opportunity to focus on specialized activities and things that matter the most. “It just goes to show you that if you keep on working hard, doors will open themselves up for you. I never thought of building something like BookingKoala, but when the opportunity opened up, I went for it”, mentions Boksa.

Boksa suggests young entrepreneurs to keep working on their vision and focus on the long term. He also adds that the youth ought to be creative and think out of the box to get the most innovative ideas possible. Boksa says that improving his engagement, conversions, and sales helped him gain customers and recommends budding entrepreneurs to follow the same.

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