Meet L-da Wild, an Accomplished Entertainer and Fitness Expert, who Never Fears Pursuing New Passion in her Life

L-da Wild, a rising name in the entertainment and fitness industry, has set new standards for herself in her life. The young soul is known as a singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, activist, and producer. She loves to try new things and never refrains from pursuing a new passion that touches her soul.

Born on May 14th, 1992, in Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada, L-da Wild has many passions in her life. And she always remains ready to pursue them in the best possible way. Out of many things that she has tried in her life, L-da Wild has created a strong wave for herself as a social activist. The rising icon has expressed her opinions on issues such as human trafficking, racial inequality, and Climate Change.

Being a bisexual woman, L-da Wild has encountered many problems in her life due to her sexuality. But she has not allowed inappropriate opinions to shatter her morale and she has openly offered her support to the LGBTQ community.

Sometimes back, L-da Wild was a student of Calculus at The University of Guelph but her interest in Musical and Performing Arts made her switch to the music world. She worked hard to refine her vocals and songwriting skills. And the music artist has impressed the music world with her songs namely, “Stepping Stones” and “Conquer”.

Recently, L-da Wild came with a new album titled, “In the Making” in 2020 that comprises a total of 9 songs. Apart from being an entertainer, she has also impressed everyone with her love for fitness. She is a popular yoga instructor who has written a 400-page yoga teacher training book and also created a 200-hour teacher training course.

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