Meet Matias A’vone

Social media is the new way brands and businesses are expanding. It is necessary to have an online presence if you want to be successful. While Facebook has been highlighted for it’s support to businesses, sites like YouTube and Instagram have become the go-to platform for musicians. Matias A’vone, a Rapper and Singer-Songwriter from Washington, D.C. is cleverly using social media to his advantage.

It’s been only two years since the his initial debut but now the rapper has a following of almost 5 million global streams across all streaming platforms. He released his first single called “Show You”, late august 2019. The track features Princeton Perez of the early 2010’s boyband Mindless Behavior. Matias A’vone plans to release two albums this year accompanied by bigger names in the industry. Throughout his journey he has stuck solely to social media for market/promotion.

The D.C. Native cites social gathers being limited but still taking the initiative through social media to connect. Using social media as a direct line to his fans, A’vone comfortably records and releases tracks from home. He sites Instagram live feature being a key tool in communicating with his fans. The future is bright for the young rapper.

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