Meet Rapper Dub P, Who Has Created A Massive Buzz With His Music

Rapper Dub P grew up in Hayward California in the Bay Area neighborhood where gang violence is a common thing. When in high school the rapper lost his older brother to one such episode. Dub P got caught in the world of violence and then trouble with the law landed him in jail quite frequently.

Music has always been a major part of Db P’s life since he first heard Tupac on the radio and fell in love. He dreamt of becoming the first asian rapper to blow up. So he started recording music on a cassette tape with his cousins. After his 7 year in jail, he was released in 2016 and this was the time he decided to pursue music seriously and make all the songs he wrote in the jail.

Dub P’s first song ALONE featuring corryna hit record and his name created a buzz especially in his hometown. He has made 5 songs since then all getting millions views. He has been putting hit records continuously which has instilled confidence in him. He is not exactly where he wants to be but knows exactly where he’s going.

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