MIUI 7 AIO Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000/Plus

Lenovo A6000 & Plus users who love MIUI based custom roms would be exited to hear that we’d suggest you to download and install this MIUI 7 AIO custom rom for lenovo A6000 & Plus. This custom rom is the one which you wanted from a long time and we know about the problems you faced previously on MIUI based roms where it was a pain to install xposed framework and its modules. Now you do not have to worry because this MIUI 7 AIO custom rom is packed with xposed framework, superSu, new layout switch and one of the best feature which was needed from a long time is the OTA updates, yes now you will be able to install the OTA updates which will be released for the device. To install this rom you will require any lollipop based rom already installed else you will have to upgrade to lollipop stock rom and then install it using TWRP recovery.

DISCLAIMER : We will not be responsible if your brick you device or your SD card doesn’t work anymore. Flashing or rooting devices breaks the warranty of your device. It is your sole responsibility to go any further, Techolite or its authors will not be bearing any loss incurred by you.

Pre-Requisites :

  1. Your device should be on any Lollipop based ROM
    • If not then please Flash Lollipop Stock ROM from here if you’re on Kitkat
  2. Install TWRP Recovery from here
  3. MIUI 7 AIO Custom Rom – Check the bottom of the article for the updated list of the rom
  4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here
  5. Keep your device battery charged above 50%

About The Rom

Android Version: 5.1.1
Compatible : Lenovo A6000/Lenovo A6000 Plus/Lenovo Lemon K3
ROM Type:  MIUI 7
ROM Version – 6.4.11
ROM Size:  439 MB
ROM Author/Credits: Deelie

Features Of The Rom

Synchronization official update

  • New calls show function: can automatically synchronize address book to a friend, a friend calls and displayed in the interface
  • Optimize system response speed up to 30%, 25% increase in battery life: dynamic scheduling GPU performance
  • File Manager page revision, search and tag support application source, and dramatically optimize performance
  • Optimization of the application starts the animation effect to Android 5.0
  • New God hidden mode, power tool: Settings → Advanced Settings → More → spirited performance and power mode
  • New Security Center settings – to add a desktop shortcut, add powerful cleanup function
  • Added support for new sound meters using a headset millet and millet piston headphones Youth Edition
  • New Security Center to identify and clean up similar new photo feature
  • New intelligent recommendation savings rate application traffic saving features turned on
  • Add the new massive music library, richer online music
  • When repair portable Wi-Fi device, screen off the connection dropped some cause problems
  • New lock screen music control, support for third-party player
  • New performance and effects settings – other advanced settings – power and performance – performance and results
  • New telephone support calls flashlight (Settings – Phone – incoming call status settings turned on)
  • New enhanced SMS with large fonts

Individual new features

  • OTA Updates (now supports OTA updates and also BUG reporting)
  • SuperSU pre-installed
  • MIUI layout switch
  • Background apps freeze function
  • Screen Adjustment, adjust the screen color temperature
  • Desktop calendar, alarm clock, weather information
  • QQ, micro-channel message anti-withdrawal
  • Model Camouflage
  • Added millet suspension ball, also for partial screenshot
  • Added drop-down shortcut keys 4×5 layout, each row displays four buttons, more beautiful
  • Added hidden application, no one can see the apps you have hidden

Advanced settings

  • Flash light flashes on incoming calls
  • Xposed framework
  • MIUI6 Global Immersion status bar
  • Xposed module interface, you can modify the status bar clock, power, custom system effects
  • Custom text can be replaced with an arbitrary text message app
  • Green Guardian to kill background running applications
  • Dolby, Viper double sound, comprehensive sound enhancement system
  • Notification bar displays the calendar, weather, song information, switching / changing / pause
  • Timer switch machine features: Safety – power – timer switch
  • Desktop mode operation with one hand, slide your finger from the physical to the physical Home key Back key
  • Storage Module Replacement: Settings – Advanced Settings -Xposed framework – Module – storage displacement (click to enter the application settings option)
  • Crack the system to read and write restrictions on the SD card

Global Immersion status bar

  • We need to activate the status bar immersion module in Xposed Framework
  • Third-party software may also be implemented immersive status bar, it looks pretty easy to use

How To Install MIUI 7 AIO Custom Rom On Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Extract MIUI7AIO-Techolite.zip and copy MIUI-7-AIO-TECHOLITE.COM.zip on your SD Card
  2. Boot into Recovery (Skip the below step if you’re already on TWRP menu)

    • Switch off your device
    • Now press Volume Down + Power Button together for 2-5 seconds until you see the bootloader
    • Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop and then flash TWRP recovery (read the guide here)
  3. Search for the MIUI-7-AIO-TECHOLITE.COM.zip and flash it
  4. Once it is completed then clear cache and dalvik
  5. Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2-5 minutes)
  6. Go to recovery and flash the gapps and then reboot


CONCLUSION : The custom rom is no doubt one of the best for Lenovo A6000 & Plus based on MIUI 7 with major features pre-installed, you can install it if you like MIUI operating system. The rom might be slight slower on Lenovo A6000 due to the presence of 1 GB of ram only but it will run smoothly on Lenovo A6000 Plus which has 2 GB of ram. You can keep minimal apps on your device to increase the battery life, do not install unnecessary applications which you do not use much.


miui_Lenovo_K30-T_6.4.11_5.1.zip (22nd April, 2016)

miui_Lenovo_K30-T_6.5.8_5.1_techolite.com.zip (15th May, 2016)

NOTE : This is an optimized version of MIUI for Lenovo A6000, there is another version which receives weekly updates and bug fixes, you can even give a try on it – MIUI 7 For Lenovo A6000 With Weekly Updates

  1. [email protected] says

    dear , I have flashed my Lenovo a536 with MIUI 8 version 6.9.1. But there is not option to use internet via USB which is by default in Lenovo a536 Stock rom…. pls help

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      You mean which internet? Mobile internet to be used on pc/laptop?

  2. erick kurniawan says

    It’s work…really work
    thank’s Techolite
    if there is no Playstore/googleplay
    Try this


  3. Rubly says

    Why after i flash it,and it said”unmount /data failed and /system,?

  4. tony says

    how.to fix.bluetooth.error?

  5. isabella says

    Plzz fix Google play prb……
    Edited host…done every thing but not working error can’t establish connection to an server.blah blah……plzz help me

  6. azhar says

    google play not working……..cant establish a connection to an server…………trie editing etc/hosts…….didnt work…….tried each and evey gapps ………..didnt work plz help

  7. isabella says

    Fix Bluetooth plzz or guide me ……..able to find and pair but not able to send or receive

  8. shoeb says

    Bro I successfuly installed it but my unable to open camera gallery SMS music in and also not opening playstore…Bluetooth too not working….plzz someone help

    1. balli says

      all that problem are solved by a factory reset……but still my bluetooth is able to find and pair but not able to send or receive plz guide me

  9. shoeb says

    Unable to download it . it take me to a Chinese site n I am not able to download . I used 2 link may 11 2016 one help me plzzz

  10. shoeb says

    For those who r not having much ram available in their device install roehsoft ram expander v3.55 just google it.make sure you r having sdcard of more than 2 GB or just 2gb…and it should be class 4 or above……….u can expand ram up to 3gb

  11. ammbee says

    perfect, thank you so much

  12. Avijit Das says

    Things a dud…not trying anymore..

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Flash it over the rom without clearing the cache/dalvik/system/data.

  13. Yaduvendra Yadav says

    bro .i think u neeed to chek out d rom file…i think dere are some files missing . dats y its alwayz showing a —-> “FAILURE”. :p

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Flash over any rom, make sure you don’t clear dalvik/cache/system, just flash this rom and then clear cache/dalvik and then reboot.

  14. Ka0s says

    For those whose installs area failing cause /system folder cannot be extracted try skipping step 3. That is when on a working rom dont wipe data, system or cache. Skip that step and directly install the MIUI Rom. It should work..

    1. Ka0s says

      And if you have already wiped then flash a lollipop rom and dont reboot the device into that os. dirty flash the miui rom over it WITHOUT WIPING SYSTEM DALVIK DATA or CACHE

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says

        You’re a real champ. I just noticed it now. Thank you, I’ll update the post for sure.

  15. Avijit Das says

    please say something give me a solution

    1. zaid says

      bro, i flashed the rom from above procedure successfully..may be somethng wrong..try to follow procedure strictly..can u explain what error r u getting….?

      1. Avijit Das says

        dude, tried everything, first extracted the zip, then put it in the sd card, then went to custom recovery, then wiped clean everything as directed,,still nothing

        1. zaidalikhan20id says

          may be there is mount problem persisting with mbl…try to flash on stock lollipop rom….put file nd gapps in external sd card ..then flash it…

          1. Avijit Das says

            was already on stock lollipop ..ad did that gapps on sad card

  16. DxS says

    I followed exact procedure mentioned but failed to flash, error shows issue about binary file flashing the zip.

    1. zaid says

      try to flash rom once again after getting binary error..make sure to wipe dalvik & cache ….may be this tym it get flashed…

  17. Avijit Das says

    not flashing, always saying failed..tried everything, extracting the zip., adb sideloading, flashing from sd card, just not getting installed…please give me fix

  18. Faridz says

    How if I install this ROM if I am running miui 7 kitkat

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Your device should be on any Lollipop based ROM
      If not then please Flash Lollipop Stock ROM if you’re on Kitkat

  19. Fairuz says

    Hey bro. This rom support OTA Update? Does this rom from MIUI Rusia?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Yes OTA works and it is global version. But flash the OTA using the recovery and not directly.

  20. Ka0s says

    Tried everything but cant get google services to work.. getting “RH-01” error.. help requested

  21. Adrian Syah says

    32 or 64 bit ??

    1. Ka0s says


  22. Adrian Syah says

    its 64 bit or 32 bit ?

  23. Ka0s says

    For those whose installs area failing cause /system folder cannot be extracted try skipping step 3. That is when on a working rom dont wipe data, system or cache. Skip that step and directly install the MIUI Rom. It should work..
    And i thank Deelie for the awesome rom and for Veer Amrit Singh for the post.. have been following your posts closely.. keep up the good work.. :)

    1. Koustav Sarkar says

      I’m on vibe 2.5….shuould I wipe data????

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says

        No do not wipe data/cache/dalvik/system. Flash over it.

  24. zaid says

    google account not linking……

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Try to flash the gapps after first boot. Not together with the rom.

      1. zaid says

        done that…still not able to sign in google account…..

  25. minh2201 says

    google drive link pls

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      I’m sorry my internet speed is capped now, I can do it after 5 days. I’ve disabled the ads on userscloud, you’ll be able to download it without the popups.

      1. minh2201 says

        thank u, this rom very fast

  26. zatria says

    This global version?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says


  27. Nihanth says

    I tried to flash but it was failed please check once

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Did you extract the file?

      1. Nihanth says

        Ha ji
        I extract the file then flash it but it’s failed

        1. Veer Amrit Singh says

          You need to extract this file named MIUI-7-AIO-TECHOLITE.COM.zip and copy it to your SD card, next time I will just upload the rom and won’t zip it. http://i.imgur.com/mVLaQcs.png

  28. Mohammed zaid says

    Google services not connecting.. plz fix it….. thnx for the rom ..its nice n smooth…

  29. VAISAKH says

    cant flash it says failed

    1. Nithin says

      me too

    2. Nithin says

      Bro first extract the downloaded file then copy it

    3. Nirwan Goyal says

      Open the zip and extract. Their you will find the flashable zip file.

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