Music Healed His Life & Became Artist Ex EI’s Only Solace

Music is a part of the world and is a common feature of all human cultures across the globe. It is known to bind people, heal them and lead them to the path of self discovery. Music empowers not only the listeners but also makers of music.

Same is the case with Chicago born and raised music and entrepreneur Ex EI. He has seen a lot of obstacles in his life while growing up. Music became his soul. The lyrics he writes for his songs are a depiction of his hardship and hard times. He intends to inspire his peers to do the same using their art.

Ex EI wants to lead people in the journey of self identity and self awareness through the music he makes. He is confident that with his music and the business mindset he has, he will be able to achieve his target.

Through music Ex EI found all the positivity in life and today he is not at all bitter. In fact he is grateful to the universe and his ancestors for protecting him in all circumstances and to music for being his soul healer.

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