New Smartphone LG Velvet will be more about Design than Specifications

Smartphones are upgrading in specifications each day. Every time a new phone is launched, it is marketed as being smarter than its predecessors. Specifications play a huge role in luring customers and providing ease of access. However, LG has decided to take a different route in this matter. The Korean company has just announced a new mobile phone for which none of the specifications have been revealed. In alignment to the company’s strategy, here also it pays more attention to design than specifications.

This Easter Sunday the company announced a new smartphone. The phone is called LG Velvet and only a logo was revealed. According to the company’s statement the phone promises to have ‘Tactile elegance’. Apart from this no other detail was revealed regarding specifications or pricing.

There has been a confirmation about the camera design. The rear panel of the phone will feature a raindrop design. A teaser of this was released by LG. The company promises to give lustrous smoothness and premium softness with LG Velvet. There have been rumors about this phone to be a new entrant in its mid range products which will replace the G-series family of phones. It is believed that a detailed announcement regarding this can be expected by May 15. The design of this phone is certainly going to be very different from other existing models by LG.

Chang Ma, LG senior vice president of product strategy said that it is a more intuitive approach and that the company is confident about LG Velvet. He said that this product will resonate with the consumer of today and also help LG to project a clearer brand image.