New Virtual Reality Training From Tork Is a Game Changer for Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance

In a new study conducted recently, 80 percent of the healthcare professionals said that they would love to enhance the hand hygiene habits they follow. The survey, which covered over 1000 healthcare experts across 5 different nations, also showed that 60 percent would like it if high priority was given to hand hygiene in the department they work in. Meanwhile, 40 percent other healthcare professionals said that they would love to get better hand hygiene training.

This is a clear sign that management teams wish to enhance their hand hygiene compliance in the healthcare facilities. And so, to address issues related to hand hygiene within healthcare industry, a new interactive VR (virtual reality) clean hands training simulation has been developed by Tork, a subsidiary brand of renowned health and global hygiene company Essity.

In the new virtual world, players take on role of a physician or a nurse on duty in one hospital unit. They look after many patients and based on the success level of the player in complying with WHO developed ‘5 moments for hand hygiene,’ they receive different results.

Notably, this new initiative by Tork is indeed a beneficial and supportive solution, particularly designed for making clean hands training more inspiring and engaging.