NextBillion AI Provides Enterprise Mapping Solutions For E-Commerce & Rideshare

By: Max Zhang, Head of Partnerships at Nextbillion AI

NextBillion AI Maps, is a fully managed mapping environment that is customizable, collaborative, and reactive to customer data and input. Mapping solutions that exist today consist of technology designed for a ‘one size fits all’ model, which presents industry challenges surrounding the misconception of maps. Current technology is generally good for getting consumers from point A to point B and estimating ETAs. However, when handling enterprises the technology needs to be custom-tailored, as their requirements tend to be specific.

For example, UPS drivers need different estimated ETAs and route calculations based on their specific vehicle type, driving patterns, and hyper-local road conditions. A vehicle carrying sub-zero temperature vaccines doesn’t drive the same route as an individual who is driving using Google Maps.

The rise of on-demand delivery and transportation has skyrocketed while consumer expectations have grown proportionally. Keeping promises to consumers requires building trust and loyalty, but drivers want a stress-free environment with the best possible route. To solve industry pitfalls we need to provide better ETAs, optimal driver routes, accurate fee estimations, and batch route optimizations.

As a food delivery driver navigates through Los Angeles making multiple stops, they are able to learn the best possible routes in comparison to Google. Delivery drivers are also held accountable for providing services within a time-based ETA. Customer satisfaction is determined by the delivery of service and tips are greatly impacted by keeping ETA promises.

Utilizing the data generated by your business and applying AI solutions, provides leverage to local traffic addresses, varied vehicle types, and unique driving behaviors to build custom APIs.

Enterprises require a mapping environment that can incorporate custom map data and on-the-fly hotfixes. For example, Uber cares about passengers getting picked up on the wrong side of the street, while with Amazon, every minute counts as a driver makes 50 stops throughout one day. Both of these strategies need extreme customization and the ability to write rules for their individual company.

NextBillion is introducing customized mapping experiences to organizations that suffer from big logistical challenges but don’t have the bandwidth or resources to build their own maps environment. Assisting enterprises by collecting custom map data across tough locations provides them with a more comprehensive mapping environment. Implementing these solutions will tie back into better customer satisfaction, increased operational efficiency, and safer driver experiences.

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