Nissan unveils its next-gen technology, including a virtual reality passenger

Nissan utilized this year’s ‘Tokyo Motor Show’ for launching an array of next-gen tech, with a few items being closer to their production stage than compared to others. The company displayed its all-wheel drive mechanism which is completely electric. Besides, it also is continuing to work on technology which will let drivers to converse with an in-car virtual avatar.

The new all-wheel Nissan drive system utilized an electric motor for powering each axle, just like the setup Tesla and a few other automakers use. The 2 electric motors generate a merged 304 hp and 501 lb-ft of torque. The Japanese automaker illustrated this new drive system in its modified Leaf Plus car. As per the company, that additional power could also be controlled precisely. Besides, the system can alter the distribution of power from front-to-back and also on side-to-side. In fact, it also can work along the brakes of the car to smoothen out deceleration and prevent strain on the neck of occupants, said Nissan.

The company doesn’t currently plan on placing its electric all-wheel drive mechanism into production. However, it’ll have varied specifications than compared to prototype, said Toshiyuki Nakajima, chief engineer of Nissan’s all-wheel drive mechanism. As per reports, the system will likely debut into production the following year and will arrive in the US by the year 2021.