Overwatch 2 Artwork Leaks Through Blizzard Store

Right before the Blizzard’s annual fan convention, the images of Overwatch 2 has appeared online. It was expected that Overwatch 2 will bring forth the player vs environment experience along with the new game modes, maps, and heroes. As per the original report by ESPN, Echo, Omnic character introduced at BlizzCon last year was expected to revolutionize the game industry which later was discarded then. 

Recently, the Echo was featured in the new image detected on the Blizzard Gear website. This image was spotted on the MMO Champion forum and was first reported by Wowhead. The image shows Reinhardt, Mei, Tracer, Brigitte, Winston, Genji, Mercy, along with the Echo charging into battle. 

Besides the presence of Echo in the newly detected image on the Blizzard Gear website, it is unclear what role it will play in Overwatch Universe. But, all we can say is that she will have an important role. 

In the leaked image from the Blizzard Gear Store, the characters look a lot different from their original avatars. As the image is not released officially and is leaked, one can also assume that this was all a liberty taken by the artist to make some changes. We will know more soon after the weekend.