Popular Japanese Animation, Ninjas, are Soon Making a Comeback

News has started circulating among various media resources that the popular and beloved Ninjas will soon be making a comeback this year. In the early 2000s, a steep rise was seen in the viewing of Japanese animation when they came out with the Ninja series. While that series is still viewed by many across the world, it might take a new form this year.

As reported by sources like Film Daily, Madison Graph and many others, the decade old series, Ninjai – The Little Ninja, might return in the form of a movie or yet another mini TV series.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja Theme

People across the world are super excited to watch the new take on their favorite Ninja movie. This animated feature appears to be a must-see for fans of the ninja genre, with gorgeous visuals and artwork, intriguing new characters, and high-quality martial arts action sequences. 

The story is expected to revolve around the young boy, Ninjai, who travels the world to find the true purpose of his life, meeting some exciting characters on the way, and fighting some long pending battles with the demons. 

If the previous series is to be taken as the main plot, Ninjai will be accompanied by his loyal sidekick, Little Bird. It appears that the Ninjai and Little Bird will be one of the most popular duos in a while, with a kind and innocent friendship that will surely touch the heart.

About the Production

Talking about the upcoming release, Ninjai the Little Ninja is created and produced by artists who call themselves “The Ninjai Gang”. Without any backing or support from top media productions, these young artists are putting all their energy and effort into making an unbeatable Ninja film. All the fans of this series are having super high hopes on them! 

Although no final confirmation has been released yet, this movie is rumored to release sometime in the late 2022. 

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