Prevent Poisoning From Harmful Plants With These Few Tips

Just like everything else some plants also have some harmful features. Some plants are poisonous and some other plants have poisonous parts that can be dangerous when touched, burned, or eaten. Young children should be kept away from them as they tend to put things in their mouths.

Sometimes, not being able to distinguish with other eatable plants, even adults pick poisonous plants to eat. Sometimes a small number of such plants may not be that harmful but sometimes just a little bit of them can be fatal. Even pets can get poisoned through plants.

The probable symptoms of being poisoned by a plant or berries are dizziness, breathing problem or breathlessness, a sick stomach, hyper or slow palpitation, and there can also be skin rashes. Immediate steps should be taken if these symptoms are seen in a person. Click here to know more about how to identify the symptoms of wild berries and take care of them.

If someone has burnt a poisonous plant, the first step is to take that person to get some fresh air. If a person has consumed the plant the rest of the content should be taken out of mouth and sips of water or milk should be given.

If someone has touched the plant, then the skin exposed to the plant should be washed with water and soap. After these primary steps, the poison center should be informed.

To prevent these accidents, one should always keep children and pets away from such plants. If a plant cannot be identified, it should be taken to a local nursery or agricultural office. Children should be taught to ask before touching or eating any plant. Berries and mushrooms which are not exactly identifiable should not be consumed. 

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