Pro Basketball player Roman Perez, is taking Instagram live to another level

The Dudo Baez live, a platform being used by professional basketball player Roman Perez is impacting the lives of many. Not only is he interviewing local figures, but he is also with top notch celebrities. The purpose of the live is to create a positive atmosphere, especially during these times for an audience to stay connected and well-motivated.

The idea came when 2020 hit us with life changing circumstances and Roman was inspired to make it happen. The name Dudo Baez, comes from his father who passed away in 2014, and to keep his legacy alive he uses his name. Dudo, believed in others making their dreams into a reality and it’s what he did with Roman and his brother his entire life. Dudo Baez represents believing and helping others to fight for their goals and strive for the best in life.

The live ranges from actors, music, sports, just about anyone doing something positive in their lives. It’s where their stories are shared and can leave an impact on the viewers life. Some guests to mention are Bobbito Garcia, Black Jack Ryan, Smush Parker, Brian Kortivich, Nacho Martin, and others.

The goal and mission is to continue to stories, make a difference in every life, and impact the world. Social media can be used for games, or can be used for the productive side of things and that’s what Roman Perez is doing. Small details can always lead to great glory, with discernment and perseverance to all the we put our heart to accomplish.

Roman Perez and the Dudo Baez live on instagram-

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