PS5 games might have a killer feature that only Sony could pull off

A fascinating decision that Director Hideo Kojima made for PS4 (PlayStation 4) game ‘Death Stranding’ was developing one music track curated from real bands and include these songs in his game. As you move ahead the treacherous landscape of the game, you’ll hear songs like ‘Chvrches,’ Bring Me The Horizon’ and other music artists which have a contract with Sony. And, as per Rolling Stone, all of this is just a beginning.

On 7 November, Sony will be releasing one standalone audio track known as ‘Death Stranding: Timefall’ through RCA Records which will include the original recordings of an array of amazing artists. According to an insider, this project is being considered as an essential benchmark of an extended creative partnership between Sony’s music group and PlayStation, before the PS5 console’s launch in 2020.

Here, the implication seems like we’ll get to see more of licensed music coming up in the first-party games of Sony throughout the upcoming console generation. Well, after all, as Sony has an access to high-profile artists so why not reap benefits from it and bring more interest and credibility to its games by letting the two departments link up.

Notably, Sony has so far just confirmed that the PS5 would be launched in the next holiday but hasn’t offered any particular details yet.