Raxx The Barber Believes In Giving Back To The Community In His Own Way

Barber Shops give space to interact, engage and hip hop. Raxx, the barber’s space is no different. The place is like a living artwork made of pristine white walls and marbleized floors with artwork and photographs made by him adorning the walls. He features other artists’ work too in his shop. The barber shop looks like an art exhibition over just a barbershop.

Raxx is definitely not just another barber but a hair artist looking to cut hair like putting strokes to a painting. Raxx is known by his clients as the one giving eye-catching hair transformations. People say when you get a haircut from Raxx the barber, your look changes so much, you look 100 times better than you already did. If you are looking to get your hair and look transformed then you should definitely book an appointment with him. He tours various cities with his work. The transformations are magical and available at decent prices that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Raxx is not the one to grow alone. He believes in giving back to the community that brought him to this stage. He thinks it his duty to support and payback to the community in whichever way he can. They invested in him so today he invests his time and talent in them by giving the members of community residency’s members free haircuts every Monday for 2 hours with his team of 10 dedicated members. The team gives the community members haircuts and hair transformations spreading cheer in the group.

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