Razer brings Happiness for Gamers in the New Year with the Launch of its New Products

‘For gamers, by gamers’ claiming consumer electronics upstart, Razer, has launched a new product, “the Razer ┬áSila 5G Home Router”. It is a high-speed networking device to automatically prioritize bandwidth for gaming and streaming. This device also lets users choose which devices on the network get more or less priority.

Everyone knows how gaming needs more bandwidth, graphics and overall processing power so it is understandable that it will be using the 5G network big time in the coming future. Launch of this new gaming hardware device is a step towards the same direction.

With the router the brand has also unveiled- Razer Kishi, a new universal mobile gaming controller; Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop, a new gaming desktop, and Razer e-racing simulator that has been created in collaboration with game publishers and vendors. At this juncture, Sila and e-racing simulator are both concept pieces while the Android- and iOS-compatible controller will be available in the market in coming months.

Razer, a company that launched in 2017 (market cap currently around $1.5 billion), has faced a controversy from a number of former employees. They have unitedly criticized the company’s figurehead and CEO, Min-Liang Tan.

They have criticized and questioned his style of running the company and alleged that he has created a culture of fear with violent threats and more. Min-Liang Tan has brushed off the remarks claiming that they are untrue and probably ‘in jest’. It is notable though that Tan hasn’t been particularly visible or available this year at the show which is in contrast from previous years.