Recording Artist MJ GRIZZ is the Right Alternative To Loud Sounds Created By Chicago Emcees 

In 2021, Chicago’s MJ GRIZZ made a stir with his ‘Standards’. The single has the Chicago based crooner singing about women who live by standards and do not date just anyone. He sings he appreciates such women as they have high standards and holding their head high. The song is an ode to the women who are building their lives passionately and are not ready to share it with anyone who is below their standards.

MJ GRIZZ’s voice quality is smooth and the music of the single is mesmerizing leaving one upbeat and relaxed. The voice of the crooner is relaxing to hear and does not beat inside the head. It is quite different from what Chicago emcees are serving the listeners. And thus people are loving the music being created by MJ GRIZZ.

If you are looking for the right alternative to the loud sounds being sold to you as music then MJ GRIZZ is your answer. He is not just any amateur musician but rather an experienced one who has worked with  musicians like G Herbo, Ab-Soul, Twista, K Camp and Ye Ali, to Jay-Z, The Diplomats to Sade and The-Dream.

Music needs to leave you in a better mood that you were in otherwise it has the power to add anxiety to your life. Music has the power to transform thoughts and emotions and make living beings lead a better life. The talented recording artist MJ GRIZZ is the much needed break from his contemporaries who are now creating redundant music. The coming time looks promising for this genre bending artist who has been working on soon to be released amazing music.

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