Revisit & Reinvent Your Digital Marketing Strategies

In 2021, according to the Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey, the marketing budgets as a percentage of company revenue fell from 11% to 6.4%. This is the lowest proportion allocated to marketing.

Now the SEO professionals and marketing organization leaders need to fund growth and recovery by whatever lies in their kitty. A lot more will be required to be done with the less they have. The budgets need to be revisited in 2022 and the resources planned accordingly.

As shared by the Marketing agency, Performance Local, budgeting is important to innovate and test new ideas even when the budgets have shrunk. The proven digital marketing strategies need to be reviewed and new ones to be planned after research.

And according to this company, there are some fundamental areas of digital marketing knowledge and opportunities one can tap into to make the year favorable.

  1. Understand where you strategically stand in the digital space. Not only the content, listings and profiles, websites, and other assets but also the reach, the reviews, the feedback of the customers and the strategies of your customers. While doing paid placements pay attention to where and when the brand is appearing and how it is affecting your stand. Monitoring the brand mentions, relevant social content, online reviews, and inbound links are important to be viewed and studied for digital growth.

  2. Understand the SEO world completely as it has evolved drastically from being a single digital marketing channel into a complete business intelligence nerve center of the organization. You need to have a complete hold over how search engines work. It will help the brand optimize content for discovery plus understand how people search, learn, and consume content to mould the marketing accordingly.

  3. In digital marketing to succeed attracting the customer, you cannot be working on the traditional technique of “Build it and they will come”. Understand the people and their problems and then solve them.

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