Riot just put the entire gaming industry on notice

The 10th anniversary festivity of Riot Game was an epic event that one may have ever witnessed in gaming. The firm, which has remained a topic of endless memes for just having developed one game, just unveiled a new title at the event. An incredible 4 different games belonging to separate categories were teased and revealed.

It was a kind of wide-reaching reveal which is typically reserved for stuff such as E3, where several game developers come together for one mega show. However, this was only one night for just one developer.

Well, after focusing on just one title for such a long time, it is quite clear that Riot Games has its sights set upon revolutionizing the entire video gaming industry.

The firm is following a cautious path now with a few of its new releases. Its card game, called ‘Legends of Runeterra’ is the simplest lift and will arrive first. Meanwhile, the fighting game seems less defined, although Riot did manage to acquire major technical knowledge in this area. Besides, the RPG barely was touched during the celebration, with just one short snippet of some language and action displayed on what it is supposed to be like.

Well, one will have to wait and see if the new releases entice new gamers towards them or not.