How To Root Lenovo K3 Note On Marshmallow

Remember a week ago we got the Marshmallow update for our Lenovo K3 Note but we lost the root priviledges which we had on Lollipop. Now we have found the way to root Lenovo K3 Note On Marshmallow which is the same exact procedure as we did when it was running on Lollipop. We just need few tools on our computer and USB cable along with the custom recovery to root Lenovo K3 Note running on android 6.0.

DISCLAIMER : We are not responsible if you brick your device or your SD card dies and/or your phone starts operating abnormally. It would be your own responsibility and your own wish to go any further, we are just helping you out to get the maximum benefit of your smartphone.

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note On Marshmallow

root lenovo k3 note

Pre-Requisites :

Rooting Lenovo K3 Note On Marshmallow :

Step 1 : Copy the file in your SD card root folder

Step 2 : Enter/Reboot to recovery mode on your device

Step 3 : Select Install > one level up > externalSD

Step 4 : Select the file and slide the button to root lenovo k3 note

Step 5 : Once it is done, reboot your device to system

To check if your Lenovo K3 Note Running On Marshmallow is Rooted then download the “Root Checker App” and check it.

Un-Rooting Lenovo K3 Note On Marshmallow

Step 1 : Open SuperSu application on your smartphone

Step 2 : Open Settings and scroll down and select “Full Unroot”

Step 3 : SuperSu will ask for confirmation. Confirm to continue

Step 4 : Now you will be asked to reboot your smartphone. Reboot it

Step 5 : Your Lenovo K3 Note is now un-rooted, you can now uninstall the SuperSu application which is probably of no use anymore

There are many benefits of Rooting your android smartphone, mainly you can access the root of your system. You can install applications which require root like Clean Master which can uninstall the system apps. You can install Xposed Framework which the root access of the device and this is the most usefull app to run different kinds of modules. So if you require these features then I’m pretty sure you’ll keep your Lenovo K3 Note rooted.

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