Samsung: $500M invested by the Company for a Smartphone Display Plant in India

Samsung, which is known for leading the biggest smartphone market in India, is now making an investment worth $500 million to build a display plant in the country. Yes, you read it perfectly! The plant is all set to manufacture displays and will be placed on the outskirts of Delhi. In a recent interview, the company disclosed that they are planning to file the requirements to their local regulator soon.

The plan will make displays for phones and other electronic devices. The company also disclosed that they had allocated some area of land from their currently existing factory. Furthermore, the land is located in Noida for its new plant. In the year 2018, Samsung came up with a factory and claimed that it was the largest manufacturing plant across the world when it comes to producing mobile phones.

The company invested about $700 million to come up with the factory. When it comes to the new factory, it will be helping Samsung to expand its capacity in producing smartphone accessories locally. They are also looking forward to enjoying some tax benefits that the Delhi government is offering to them.

Furthermore, when it comes to Samsung, it is also known to be one of the second largest smartphone companies across the Indian subcontinent. The company produces many phones every year and ensures that they meet the demands of the people. So do you look forward to Samsung’s new planned venture?