Samsung Galaxy M40 now has all the Android 10 Features

Android 10 is the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system and it came live on the Google Pixels phone. It was released on September 3, 2019. Now, Samsung Galaxy M49 also has the Android 10. It is also available in the India region, which is good news for all Samsung phone users in the country.

Android 10 is the 10th important version of the Android. Earlier it was named Android Q, but later it followed the standard naming procedure of Google and became Android 10. It brings along many features that Android users will love.

The Dark Theme feature can be accessed with an Android 10 version. Moreover, there is also gesture navigation that’s available with the newest android version. It is one of the sleekest features of android.

For all those who love texting, can give smart replies with the Android 10. It offers more attachment options, like map links, and more. Another fantastic feature of the newest version of android is the live caption feature.

This feature first became available in the Pixel phones last year. With the live caption, one can caption videos in real-time; it may be a YouTube video on the web or a clip that you’ve just shot yourself. Moreover, this feature works online, as well.

There will be more privacy in the Samsung Galaxy M40 mobiles now because of the granular location sharing feature. Users will have more control over how much an app knows about the location, just like in iOS. There will be three options to permit the location access to apps – All the time, only when the app is open, or never.

The update on the Samsung phone is currently live in India and comes with the M405FDDU2BTB5 build number. It will soon be available in other parts of India.