See How Shutdown Event is Promoting Growth Among the Younger Generation

Generally, when teenagers and young adults are growing, they are filled with enthusiasm and expressiveness that spurs their creativity. At this point, the aim is to have as much fun as possible while they discover themselves and see what life has to offer them.

One person who loves to invest in the development of the younger generation is Chris Sarchet Bell. The budding entrepreneur is inspired by their creativity and he has built a brand that is dedicated to promoting this feature. For this reason, Chris Sarchet Bell founded Shutdown Events in 2014 to tackle the younger market and gain their interest.

Shutdown was created to teach the younger generations that they can have fun and socialize without the need to get high or intoxicated. The brand believes in the self-sufficiency of the young ones and thrives to push this agenda every time.

Shutdown Events was created to solve problems among young ones. The aim is to educate kids that they don’t have to drink to have a good time,” Chris says.

Why is Shutdown Events focused on the young generation?

Chris Sarchet Bell believes that it is important to tackle the younger market, gain their interest and provide them with an avenue to experience nightlife activities before they attain adulthood. 

“Shutdown has had previous experience in the nightlife industry from doing our  over 18 events, from this, we decided to try and tackle the younger market to be able to get interest from a young audience before we pass them to our over 18’s brand, Grenade,” He said.

Shutdown events give kids  the opportunity to meet their favorite stars and celebrity in real life. The brand offers the young ones a chance to have the night of their lives in a serene, fun, and secure environment before they are legally allowed to go out to proper concerts. By this, they have the chance to experience the fun that they would have missed out on as teenagers. 

“Our events used to bring in some of the biggest names in the music industry, PA’s from some of the most popular reality TV shows, paint and foam parties, Co2 & confetti parties, as well as the best personalities in the entertainment industry, now it’s all about the experience and putting on a huge show that they can’t experience anywhere else in the country and combining that with mega-production and acts.” Chris Sarchet Bell says.

Also, Chris uses the Shutdown Brand to push the social personalities and presence of teenagers. The brand uses its huge social media presence to collaborate with teenage influencers by promoting their contents on its platform. With this, a huge online community is created and a strong bond is shown among teenagers.

Chris believes this is the right time to promote  Shutdown Events because there is a high demand for music and entertainment among teenagers now more than ever.

“It is the right time to exist because, now more than ever, the live events and concert scene is bigger and more in demand than ever, especially with the younger generations”, Chris says. 

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