Several Light Notebook Computers with High Cost Performance

It is no longer difficult toUpgrade notebook computers. The models of various notebook computers are different. In our daily office life, we cannot leave the light notebook computer. It is light and portable, and is convenient for daily business travel. Notebook computers have become the first choice for office white-collar and students.

According to the assessment data fed back by the most popular notebook computers in the current market and consumers. This paper compares their performance. The following notebook computers are suggestion.

The first is the Ruilong version of the HUAWEI MateBook 13. Considering the performance, it is a light computer with strong CPU performance release and high screen quality. In terms of structure, it has AMD’s 6-core 12-thread R5-4600 H standard voltage processor. Ensuring its high-strength release ability. Making it stable at 39 W, and the 3: 2 ratios of the screen is suitable for daily office. Its trait is that it supports multi-screen coordination function. Interconnecting between notebook computer and mobile phone. In this way, the computer can control the mobile phone. Making it convenient to check messages and transfer files with the computer. This advantage can improve the work efficiency and obtain betterUse experience.

The second one is Hp War X Ruilong Edition 14 inches (ca. 36 cm). It concludes 14 inches (ca. 36 cm) and 15.6 inches (ca. 40 cm). Considering the portability of light notebook computers, 14 inches (ca. 36 cm) are better. Of course, 15.6 inches (ca. 40 cm) is a better choice for those who have requirements for heat dissipation, It has a 6-core 12-thread R5PRO-4650U processor. 16G of running memory and 512 inches (ca. 13 m) of solid-state memory. The structure is quiteGood. The high colorGamut screen is beneficial to theUser’s visual experience.

HONOR MagicBook 14 is the third recommended product. The MagicBook 14 specs are Good. With the new AMD Ryzen 5 4500U or AMD Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processor. This makes it easy to complete daily tasks and improves daily work efficiency. MagicBook 14 has innovative and efficient fan blade design. Increasing the number of blades and achieving more efficient airflow. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing noise and increasing heat dissipation function. Data show that its heat dissipation function has increased by as much as 38%. Coupled with high endurance, 65W battery supports fast charging. They make it highly competitive. Similarly, it has a major feature of HONOR series products, multi-screen cooperation. Cross-collaboration between HONOR smart phone and MagicBook 14 by clicking. Multi-screen collaboration can share the screens and files of smart phones on MagicBook 14. So we can edit the same content by keyboard and mouse. In this way, there is no need to jump between devices, reducing troubles.

The above three models are recommendations about the light and thin notebook computers. Consumers should make reasonable choices based on their own requirements and budgets.