Significance of “Automatic Liquidity Pool” in SafeMoon that Everyone Must be Aware of

SafeMoon is a new introduction in the cryptocurrency world and it is slowly gaining popularity due to its smooth growth. Introduced on 8 March 2021, the new cryptocurrency is inspired by DogeCoin, a crypto coin that came into effect in 2013.

SafeMoon rewards its investors and discourages sellers while transacting this cryptocurrency. A 10% penalty tax fee on sellers is imposed by developers. 5% of it gets redistributed to investors and 5% is burned in every manual burn process.

The SafeMoon protocol is a community-driven, fair-launched Defi token. In every transaction, three functions namely reflection, LP acquisition, and burn take place while dealing with SafeMoon. Automatic Liquidity Pool has a great significance in the SafeMoon transaction.

Coin expert, David Nicolas Albanese, says that SafeMoon can be bought through the liquidity pool as there is no exchange available for its transaction. It means that one can instantly transact it very easily as there are trillions of SafeMoons available to be bought.

Before the launch of SafeMoon, no one had this cryptocurrency and so the only way to buy SafeMoon is from the liquidity pool. Developers of SafeMoon are working hard to make this cryptocurrency popular by compelling investors to hold it after its purchase.

It is not yet launched on any exchange but even if it gets launched on any exchange, the automatic liquidity facility will still exist. Anyone can buy SafeMoon from Pancake Swap. SafeMoon is witnessing a boom in its popularity in the cryptocurrency world and its current value on Market Cap stands at USD 1.65 M.

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