Simon Blaze’s New Remake Of “Body On Fuego (Remix)” Is Making Quite A Buzz

Simon Blaze’s story is one for the books. Since he was a kid he was interested in making music. His father influenced him greatly. Simon’s father used to play drums and guitar for professional studio recordings. He also danced for an independent Armenian Folklore group. One can say Simon’s childhood was greatly influenced by art and music.

He created music when myspace was a thing and then sent his recordings to various artists. But none of them reached back to him. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. Now he had his own Gentlemaniacs Record Label. And recently he released Body On Fuego remix that’s making quite a buzz.

The Body on Fuego is the remake of the german recording artist, DJ Enjoey. Both, the original and remix feature gentlemaniacs records signing ILLIJAH – in the remix version which has afro beats. Ray Pearson is an artist who has lent his vocals to the remix.

Simon’s remix is catchy as well as groovy. His new track is a great addition to his album that will be making an entrance later this year. This track just sets the tone for the amazing project that Simon Blazer will be releasing later this year.

The beat is catchy, magnetic, and dreamy. It has got an afro vibe to it which makes it easy to dance to it. Simon has worked with an amazing team to make this possible. He now has a growing set of the fan base who is loving his music. They are eagerly looking forward to his new releases after the awesome Body On Fuego (Remix).

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