Slack announces new features to help ease app integration pain

One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of Slack is the company’s ability of integrating along with the other enterprise tools. However, as the customers utilize the app as one central work pivot, it has led to the creation of a few of its own issues. The users, in particular, have trouble to understand which apps they can access as well as use in the most optimized way. And now, Slack has announced many new ways in order to ease out these issues at the company’s Spec developer conference held on 22 October.

Andy Pflaum, Slack platform director, noted that there are 1800 application integrations that users can use in Slack. Moreover, the developers have developed 500,000 additional personalised apps. That is obviously more than what any Slack user will require and it’s also difficult to monitor all of them. Hence, Slack has developed one home page called as ‘App Launcher’ for the apps.

You can access the ‘App Launcher’ by clicking the ‘Apps’ option in Slack sidebar. This will open the App Launcher along with apps which really are important for you. Upon selecting an app, you will be directed to the home screen of the app where it’ll be all set to display or enter relevant information to you.

Besides this, Slack has also introduced few other features such as ‘Actions from Anywhere’ and ‘Modal windows.’